5 Most Important Points You Must Have on Your Reception Venue Contract

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We all know that you should never sign a contract without reading it through, and yet surprisingly many couples do. Before putting pen-to-paper check to see whether these key points are included in your contract. If not, you might want to re-negotiate that wedding reception venue contract.

1. Personal Particulars

· Your full name (spelled correctly) and that of the venue
· Your wedding date
· The time you intend to start and finish your wedding
· Which rooms you’ve booked for the day e.g. The Victorian or The Lemnos
· Time extensions (if applicable)
· Details on accommodation (if applicable)
· Proof of venue’s liquor license
· Proof of venue’s city-building council permission to hold civil wedding ceremonies
· Total price broken down showing what you’re paying for
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2. Your rights and obligations

Music: will the venue provide a DJ or you can bring your own? Are you allowed to bring a live band? If yes, this must be stated in the contract, as well as any particularities involving sound limits, the use of smoke and fog machines.
Venue capacity: What is the venue’s policy if your guests outnumber the final guest list you submitted? Will you have to pay an extra per person fee? How much is the extra per person penalty fee?
Venue clean-up obligations: Who will be responsible for cleaning up after the wedding? You or the venue have a staff?

3. Payment, wedding postponement and cancellation policies

Deposit: How much deposit do you have to down payment to secure your date? When is the remaining balance due? The date must be written down in the contract. Can you pay off the remaining balance in monthly installments? If yes, of how much per month?
Postponement: Does the wedding allow postponements? If yes, what is the inconvenience fee? Is there a penalty for moving your day further back?
Cancellation: What is the venue’s cancellation policy? How much will they refund your total amount? How many days’ notice do they need? Is there a cut-off point where it becomes impossible to cancel and get a refund? What happens if the venue is the one that cancels your booking?
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4. Penalties

Weddings that go beyond the set time limits: Is there a set penalty fee or you’ll be charged per over-run hour?
Broken or missing items: If the venue is providing cutlery, what are the fees for broken glasses, chinaware, missing napkins or cutlery?

5. General terms and conditions

Garden wedding weather cover: If you’re planning a garden wedding, what will the venue do if it rains? Is there a room they can prepare for you?
Arbitration fees: In the event of a dispute with the venue, who are the arbitrators and who will pay their arbitration fees?

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