Things to Do Before, During and After Viewing the Wedding Venue

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You’ve got your wedding date picked out, and have started wedding venue viewing, but aren’t quite sure what exactly you’re meant to be doing during the tour and after the tour. Don’t worry, we’ve highlighted things you should be doing before you visit, during your visit, and after to get the most out of any tour.

Things to do before venue viewing

Preparation is the key to a successful venue tour. Here are some things to do prior to viewing a venue:

· Do make an appointment

You can’t just budge into a wedding venue and expect to be taken on an elaborate tour without prior notice. Make sure you stick to the time and day you’ve been given.

· Know your budget and buffer

Get yourself organized first before going to look at venues. Know what your budget is, and how much extra you’re willing to pay if you find the right venue. Know how many people you’re inviting. All this will be helpful while touring.

· Prepare a set of questions to ask the guide

Have a series of questions pertaining to space, catering, music/DJ, decor, parking, toilet situation, inclement/weather precaution ready. If you’re not sure what kind of questions to ask, check out our blog What Questions Should You Ask While Touring Wedding Venues?
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Things to do during venue viewing

So you’ve done your homework and come to the venue prepared. What do you do during your venue tour?

· Listen to your guide

This is the most important thing. Listen to what your guide is saying and explaining. Takedown all relevant information mentioned such as a number of power sockets available, minimum and maximum guests allowed, and remember to take any free brochures from the reception.

· Ask as many questions as you can

Ask questions when you don’t understand something. This will clarify things. Don’t assume things will be included in the venue hire. It’s better to confirm that later receive a bill for something you were not aware had to be paid apart.

· Consider things from your photographer’s point of view

Does the venue have enough lighting for your photographer to do their job properly? Is there extra lighting provided by the venue or your photographer will have to bring their own? Take as many photographs as you can so you’ll be able to review everything when you’re home and relaxed.
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Things to do after venue viewing

Now that you’ve had your fill of touring wedding venues, what is it that you now need to do? Here are the things you should do to finalize your selection and go pay your deposit.

· Review your requirements and compare with venues toured

Now that you’ve toured several venues, you should have an idea of the venue that closely matches your requirements. Perhaps you’ve already found the wedding reception venue of your dreams. In that case, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book it!

· Finalise logistical issues

Is your desired venue in an easy-to-reach location? Will you need to hire a bus to ferry guests? What about arranging accommodation for out-of-town guests?

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