5 Tips for Saving Major Cash on Wedding Venue and Catering Costs

5 Tips for Saving Major Cash on Wedding Venue and Catering Costs

Weddings cost a pretty penny, it’s no secret. And if you have several hundred guests, things can get quite expensive very fast. So how can you keep everyone on your guest list, while still throwing the wedding of your dreams? We’ve put together a list of cost-cutting tips which can help you save major cash. Thank us later!

1.    Have one venue for ceremony and reception

Thinking of having a church wedding and then going somewhere else for your reception? Keep costs down by having one venue for both your ceremony and reception. Many wedding reception venues are more than happy to accommodate you. Ask to see the rooms available for these events. You can have an indoor ceremony and then a garden reception – a win/win if you ask us.

Reception Venue for Weddings Ceremony in Sydney

2.    Get married during the week!

Looking to do something out-of-the-usual? Why not get married during the week? Yes, it might be inconvenient for several of your guests, but your pocket is going to thank you for it. Off-day weddings are generally much cheaper than traditional weekend weddings. Because nine out of ten people want a weekend wedding and there being only 52 Saturdays and Sundays in a year, that drives venue prices way up.

3.    Skip the traditional meal and go buffet style!

Your wedding is exactly that, your wedding. Therefore, just because everyone else has a traditional sit-down dinner doesn’t mean that you have to as well. You can do things your way. A buffet dinner can be just as exciting as any traditional sit-down.  What’s great about a buffet is that you get to serve so many different foods too. So you can ask your caterer to cook a few fancy dishes but stick mostly to what’s in the season to further cut down on costs.

Traditional Weekend Weddings in Best Reception Venue Sydney

4.    Drop the big cake and opt for fancy dessert

Who needs a massive cake anyway? A visit to your local patisserie will reveal a vast array of sweet treats that you can serve as dessert. Cakes can be quite costly too, so save several hundred dollars by opting for simpler cake options and leave out the big cake. This doesn’t mean you can’t have cake cutting pictures. What many people now do is they order one small cake and ask the baker to make dummy models for the rest of the other ‘cakes’ you see. So you get to cut the real small cake while serving dessert from the patisserie to your guests.

5.    Eliminate entrées and cocktail hour

A lot of couples think they have to serve entrées to their guests, as well as having a cocktail hour. However, these services are not a must. They are optional. If you really want to have something passed around, consider having waiters walk around with individual platters which allow those who are hungry to pick and eat as they like.

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