5 Most Important Chinese Wedding Traditions you should Know About

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Are you of Chinese descent or just looking to incorporate Chinese wedding customs into your ceremony? 

Chinese wedding traditions are still considered very important in modern-day wedding ceremonies, many of which were ancient rituals that were performed. However, a few key ones have been passed and incorporated into modern Chinese weddings. These traditions are still highly esteemed and very important parts of Chinese culture. Below are the 5 most important Chinese wedding traditions you should know about.

1. Chinese tea ceremony

The tea ceremony is a traditional formal ceremony to introduce both families together. They get to drink ‘Tsao Chun’, a Chinese tea, often together as they sit, cross arms, and the couple exchanges ring. The couple then receives what’s called ‘lai’, a red envelope representing good luck, and is often filled with money, jewelry, and expensive items. Only the family participates in this tradition and a feast is served with everyone invited once the wedding ceremony is over. 

2. Chinese wedding banquet

The banquet is usually characterized by Chinese wedding decorations and is a lavish and expensive ceremony. On arriving at the traditional Chinese wedding reception, guests have to sign their names on a scroll to present their gifts to the couple. The food served is considered symbolic in Chinese culture, fish representing abundance, and usually lotus seeds for fertility. A total of 6-8 courses are usually served at the banquet.

3. Chinese wedding invitations

The typical Chinese wedding invitation is placed in a red envelope with gold sealing. The wording written on it is read from right to left with the information of the bride and groom in it. The invitation has in it the date for the banquet, names of parents, birth dates, the venue, and all other relevant information. The double happiness symbol is engraved in most but not all Chinese wedding invitations.

4. Chinese wedding dress (Qipao)

It’s a typical Chinese tradition for the bride to wear a special red dress called a Qipao. She also wears a red veil on the day to cover her face. In Chinese tradition, red symbolizes prosperity, happiness, and good fortune. In modern Chinese weddings, the bride wears a white gown but some weddings like to stick to the traditional way. Another modern-day tradition is to change into 4 different dresses throughout the night.

5. Post-wedding

The day after the wedding festival, the bride has to prepare breakfast for family members. The couple also receives gifts that morning from the elders and the bride is formally introduced to the groom’s family. This is when she is formally given a formal title within the family. Three days after, the bride and groom visit the bride’s family and offer a roasted pig for them to enjoy with the rest of the family.

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