5 Perfect Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

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Did you know that 62% of Australian households own pets? It makes sense why many people look for ways to include pets in their wedding day. There are some things to consider before you can be sure that your pet is part of your wedding day. This should not stop you though as it is very possible with adequate planning. We have put a list of 5 perfect ways to have a pet-friendly wedding.

1. Pet Inspired Wedding Invites

This is a fun way to involve your pet in your wedding festivities. Why not have your pet involved in the planning process? It is not always possible to have your pet on the actual wedding day, so this is a great alternative. Speak to a professional photographer and have them take a few beautiful pictures of your pet that you can use for your invitations or save the dates.

2. Let Your Pet Attend

There are many ways to have pets at weddings. You can have your pet as your ring bearer or have your pet in your wedding photos. To successfully pull this off there are a few things to consider. Look for pet-friendly wedding venues. Ask yourself if your pet behaves well in new places or with a crowd of people. Find someone to take care of your pet on the day.

3. Decorate with Pet Photos

If your wedding venue won’t allow you to have your pet come along or you cannot find a good pet sitter for the day, including your pet in your wedding decorations. If your pet has been a big part of your love story you can show this in a cute display that has pictures of your furry friend. Free-standing frames with pet pictures displayed around the venue are also a big hit.

4. Pet Inspired Wedding Cakes

This is a tasty way to have pets at weddings. There are many pet inspired cake toppers you can use as a cute way to have your pet in your wedding day. Some bakers are able to paint wedding cakes with watercolor paint, why not have them paint your pet. If you want to take it a step further, have your wedding cake made in the likeness of your pet.

5. Include Your Pet in the Registry

The wedding registry is a good way for couples to get things that they will use in their future home. You can include specific gifts for your pet in the wedding registry. Some couples have asked their wedding guests to make a donation in their name to pet charities such as the SPCA so that they can help other pets as well.

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