The Most Hilarious Shoe Game Questions 2023

Wedding shoe game questions for your reception venues Sydney

The wedding shoe game questions need no introduction! It is played so often and is a great icebreaker at weddings for entertainment. For those that may not be familiar with it, the couple sits back to back holding their own shoe and one of their partner’s shoes. A question is asked pertaining to the couple and each of them responds by raising the shoe that corresponds to the answer they think is correct. This is a fun way to keep wedding guests entertained and also help them get to know more about the couple. For a list of the most hilarious questions that you can ask, read on!

Hilarious Shoe Game Questions for Couples

1. Who drives better?
2. Who always takes their phone to the bathroom?
3. Who cries a lot during movies?
4. Who is messier?
5. Who likes to skip baths?
6. Who is more self-obsessed?
7. Who lies the most?
8. Who is never wrong?
9. Who is the better dancer?
10. Who cannot keep a secret?
11. Who snores the loudest?
12. Who is more likely to start a fight?
13. Who is a crybaby when they are sick?
14. Who cracks the lamest jokes?
15. Who is always hungry?
16. Who is moodier?
17. Who throws the biggest tantrums?
18. Who is always looking for food?
19. Who is better at planning surprises?
20. Who is the better singer?
21. Who is the better cook?
22. Who hogs the blankets when you are sleeping?
23. Who releases gas more often?
24. Who has a crazier family?
25. Who hogs the remote more?
26. Who likes to spend more money?
27. Who likes to work more?
28. Who is better at saving money?
29. Who is clumsier?
30. Who is more dramatic in public?
31. Who makes more grand gestures of affection?
32. Who gives the best gifts?
33. Who has the best-kept hair?
34. Who is more likely to get lost when going somewhere new?
35. Who is more photogenic?
36. Who is better at assembling gadgets?
37. Who is more tech-savvy?
38. Who has the cleaner car?
39. Who is better at doing house chores?
40. Who spends more time in the shower?
41. Who is always late for dates?
42. Who sleeps for longer?
43. Who is the clumsier of the two?
44. Who is better at sticking to diets?
45. Who gives better tips?
46. Who is more likely to leave dirty dishes unwashed?
47. Who struggles more with asking for directions?
48. Who is more likely to lose their wallet?
49. Who is pickier when it comes to food?
50. Who do you love most in the world?

Did You enjoy these shoe game questions?

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