Wedding Ideas and Inspiration 2020

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Did you know that the average wedding takes 528 hours or 22 full days to plan? This is equivalent to eleven months of being in full-time wedding planning mode. If you are planning to get married this year, we have compiled some wedding ideas and inspiration for 2020. Read on to find out what these are.

1. Personalize Your ‘Gram Wedding

Most couples are having Instagram worthy of weddings. No detail is left to chance and every photo taken reflects the copious amount of work put into making the day splendid. A wedding hashtag can trend for a while and many couples aspire to have that perfect wedding. In the midst of all the planning, a wedding can lose its soul and become just another photoshoot-worthy big event. Find personal details to make your day personal and one that really reflects who you are.

2. Consider Using Non-Traditional Florals

Are you conscious about the environment? Does the idea of buying thousands of dollars’ worth of flowers only to have them discarded the next day not sit right with you? Non-traditional florals may be the perfect solution for you. You can have potted plants as your wedding florals. These can then be taken by your guests as part of the wedding favors. Your wedding will have looked beautiful and your guests can continue to enjoy the flowers in their homes. Alternatively, if you still choose traditional flowers to consider donating them to nursing homes and hospice centers instead of throwing them out.

3. Give ‘Foodie’ Wedding Favours

Being a food lover has never been more popular. People are spending time finding the perfect dining experience and sharing it with loved ones. Your wedding is a perfect time to let your inner ‘foodie’ glow. You can share some treats that mean something to you as a couple as part of your wedding favors. A little note to explain the significance of the treat to your guests will give it that extra personal touch.

4. Use Photos to Tell Your Story

A picture can tell a thousand words. Instead of having a video of your love story you can print some photos that show how you met and precious milestones of your relationship. This can come in the form of a vision board that you can use later in your home. This wedding inspiration is one that can stay as a reminder of your special day for many years to come.

5. Glam Up the Photobooth

A photo booth is a fun and engaging way to keep guests entertained at your wedding. Instead of having the traditional props and backdrop for your photo booth you can use a unique site in your wedding venue and glam it up to be your photo booth. Your venue will be a big part of your budget and you can get even more out of it.

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