4 Tips To Host An Intimate Wedding Celebration

Best Tips To Host An Intimate Sydney Wedding Venues Celebration

Big weddings are not for everyone. Some couples prefer to celebrate their ceremony with just a handful of their family and friends. This allows them not to get swayed by the pomp and fanfare and focus on what the day is about. Another benefit of having a small wedding there are no massive costs and you do not have to worry about dealing with a big guest list. To help you with the planning we have put together 4 of our top tips on how you can plan an intimate wedding.

1. Write a Guest List

This is probably the hardest part of planning a small wedding. Deciding who to invite and who to leave off the guest list can be stressful. To make this part easier for you as a couple, you need to keep in mind what your motivations were for having a small wedding. This will help you not lose sight of what you want and ultimately you can pick a small number of people to attend your wedding. Anyone that is not close to you automatically gets excluded.

2. Allocate Your Resources Accordingly

The fun part of having a simple wedding celebration is that it allows you to have extra funds available. You can use this money on things that are important to you as a couple. If you have a shared hobby or particular interest, why not highlight this on the wedding day. For couples that love fine dining, this is a great opportunity to upgrade the meals that will be served on the day and give your guests quite a treat.

3. Consider a Destination Wedding

Do you have one place that you have always wanted to visit but have not yet had that chance? Why not have your wedding there? The great thing about having intimate weddings is that it allows you to have a destination wedding. This is because there aren’t a lot of guests and the few that you choose will be able to make the trip.

4. Choose the Right Venue

A lot of venues are only suited to large weddings. This will narrow down your options. You need to find a venue that will be perfect for a small gathering. At clarence house, we have beautiful wedding venues that would be perfect for small weddings. The picturesque views and lush gardens will make your wedding day magical.

To make sure that your wedding day is fun, here is a blog on the most hilarious questions for the wedding shoe game. We have more blogs to help you make your big day special for you to check out. Our clarence house team is on hand via telephone and other electronic means to help you with wedding preps. Get in touch with us today.