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Your Big Day Is Around the Corner

‘ The Big Day’ – the term synonymous with your wedding day. Among the many days you celebrate as a couple; the anniversary of your first date, your proposal, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, the birth of your first child–no other day gets this most special name. And it’s coming up so fast: ever since you set a date, you’ve been thinking of nothing else. It’s as if every time you cross one thing off your list of “to-do’s”, three more appear and take its place.

So Much to Do….

There are so many things to think about. From the invitations, the flowers, the cake, and the dress – to all the little details, extensive planning coupled with the seemingly endless meetings and decisions; understandably it can feel like it’s all eating up your days and nights. But above all, one thing is most important, more than anything else on this most important day of days: the perfect location.

The place where the wedding day you’ve been dreaming about your whole life will be. Not only must it be perfect, but also indicative of your life together as a couple. After all, you’re not just any couple, you’re imaginative, welcoming, thoughtful. You’re unique together, and so much more. Maybe you have this crazy story about how you met, and maybe you have these funny little traditions and rituals that you do with each other that nobody else understands.

It is because you’re original, that your wedding reception venue has to reflect that originality. Not just any old venue will do. Come your big day, this must be the place for you. You deserve it!

But It’s a Big Choice, and There Are So Many Things to Think About….

With all the pressure surrounding the planning of your big day, your peace of mind and clarity remains the most important factor. Merging two families, two lives, two histories, two personalities – each with their likes and dislikes, their lovable quirks, can become a little overwhelming. And yet, you still aim to create a beautiful day that stays in the memory of all your guests – without compromising on your signature tastes.

You need a rustic elegant wedding venue that expresses a style that’s all your own; something rustic and bold, yet charming and warm. You need a place where your wedding can be all your own. The wedding venue must be about you and who you really are: two unique humans embarking on one road, together.

So Let’s Start with the Venue…

And that means that this one, momentous, magical day, above all other days in your life as a couple, must be unique, too. Forget the fancy hotels, the polished ballroom floors, the sweeping staircases, and the edgy lighting displays. You want something that says “This is us.

This is who we really are.” You want somewhere that shows your heart and spirit. This is exactly what you will find with us, here at Clarence House. We have the hospitality, the service, and professionalism, and most importantly, we have a big heart.

The difference is, while anybody can say that, not everyone can live it. With us at Clarence House, you get to live it. Your perfect day, one of the biggest days of your life, the wedding of your dreams. It can happen right here, at Clarence House – your very own fairy tale.

Detail, personalization, and complete satisfaction with your wedding plans are of utmost importance to us. We invite you to call our team today to schedule a free consultation with our passionate Clarence House team. Let us help you plan your big day, your way.