Some Top-Notch Tips On Choosing A Wedding Venue

If you are in the process of planning your wedding, then you’re probably in search of a wedding venue. Choosing a wedding venue is a big decision that requires a lot of thought and consideration. With so many options to choose from in Sydney, you need quite a lot of brainstorming to find the perfect venue for your big day. 

Before you embark on a stressful and long journey of finding a venue, here are some tips that will make the process easy and short for you. 

Create a tentative budget

Create an estimate of how much you’re willing to spend on your wedding venue. Being realistic about your budget plays a huge role in determining the kind of venue you are going to book and it will certainly make your venue search much easier and shorter. There is a stunning wedding venue for every budget, so keeping to your budget is not a bad thing. Be open to the venue coordinators about how much you are thinking of spending so that they can help you select the right package for you.

Set up your Guestlist early

Making your guest list early gives you a good idea about the number of guests that will be present at your wedding. This will help you understand the venue capacity that will accommodate your guests perfectly. The size of the venue should be the perfect fit for your guests. You wouldn’t want to book a venue that would end up being too small or too big for your guests. It would ruin the aesthetic of the wedding.

Make a decision on wedding vendors

Another important decision to make is whether you plan on hiring external vendors or you are going to use the vendors that are provided by the wedding venue. The benefit of using in-venue vendors is the fact that they are more accustomed to the venue and know the ins and outs of the venue. If you however decide to use external vendors, then you need to discuss the venue’s policy about that in order to understand the conditions.

Seek recommendation from other couples

It is good to seek advice from couples that have gone through the same experience you are going through. It’s even better if they’ve used the same venues you’re considering because you get to hear candid reviews about the venue before you jump into a contract. You can only get certain information like staff reception, food quality and overall experience from the people that have actually used the service.

Know the availability of the wedding venue

This is a very important tip, so listen well. Make sure the venue you have your eyes on is available on your wedding day. It would be a disaster if the venue you thought was secure is actually booked on your big day. That would be a huge setback in your wedding plans so it is imperative that you confirm the availability of the wedding venue early on to avoid disappointments.

Decide on a wedding theme

Your wedding day is supposed to be a memorable event that will stay with you for a lifetime which is why it is very important to know the style of wedding you have and make sure that you find a venue that will corroborate that style. Your wedding should reflect you and your partner’s vibe and personality in every detail. The day is yours after all, and that should be apparent to every individual present there. 

Get expert advice

If you find yourself in a bind during your search, know that you can always count on wedding planners, event coordinators and blogs like ours to help guide you on your journey. Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration or a slight push towards the right direction and the perfect wedding reception venue you’ve been searching for will be within your grasp.

Wedding venues are the one thing you can forego while planning your big day. Everything else works around the wedding venue. Hopefully, our tips have been of great help to you and you are a thousand steps closer to finding your wedding venue. 

At Clarence House, we work towards providing you with the wedding venue that will call out to you and bring up the warm fuzzy feeling you need to ensure that you have found the perfect place to say ‘I do’ to that special person in your life.