What Should Be Included In A Wedding Venue Contract


Weddings are very fun to plan and it may seem like it’s all romance and joy but ultimately, it is a process that requires a lot of transactions, deals and agreements from multiple vendors. That is the serious and business aspect of wedding planning. Every vendor you intend to work with, from wedding venues and event planners, to catering services and photographers, should have a contract set up that you can both agree on. It is essential to have every agreement and service written down in case any legal or payment related issue comes up while the event planning is ongoing. 

A wedding contract is an important part of your wedding plan because it creates a secure agreement between you and the vendors and also helps in setting up boundaries that you can both work within. Below is a list of necessary information that should be present in every wedding contract.

Your full name(s)

Having your name(s) on the contract is very important because this will help identify you as a client and prevent any possible misunderstandings that could sabotage your entire wedding planning. You can have only your name on the contract, or you can also include your partner’s name as well.

The wedding date

Having the exact date of your wedding on the contract will prevent any breaches from any vendor because the date that their services will be needed is clearly stated. It is important to write the date clearly without missing any information. The wedding date written on the contract should include the day, date, month, year and even time. You would not want any vendor to think your wedding date is scheduled for another year. It happens, you know.

The wedding venue

The venue should be clearly stated in the contract so the vendor can have an idea of where exactly their services will be needed. If there are different venues for the wedding and the wedding reception, that should be started as well. Trust us, a lot of things could go wrong if the wedding venue is unclear on the contract. Your wedding decor might just end up in another person’s wedding. Just saying. 


All the services provided

You should work with the vendors to write down all the services you expect to get from them. No detail is too little and no detail should be omitted in order to avoid dissatisfaction. It is absolutely necessary to go through every single detail about the service you need and have it written down clearly in the contract. This will minimise the risk of having to pay extra fees for a service that you forgot to note down in the contract. 

Price of each service to be provided

A lot of vendors have the habit of changing the price of services provided, so it is a good idea to write down the exact cost of each service. This will keep you ahead of any surprise charges that may arise during the wedding planning process. Having the cost of all expenditure will also help you keep track of your budget and aid in the management of your funds. 

Contingency plans and substitutions

There are some services whose availability can not always be ensured so it is important that all plan Bs and possible alternatives are also written down in the contract. The price adjustments that may be linked to the usage of any of the alternatives should also be noted down in order to avoid mismanagement of budget.

Deposits, balance, and refunds

Details of all business transactions, both paid and pending should be written down in the contract in order to avoid miscalculation of expenditures. Deposits should be recorded and outstanding balance as well. In the event where a refund is being discussed, the amount should also be stated in the contract along with the expected date of the refund.

Permits and Licenses

Some wedding venues and services require certain permits before being approved for usage. This permit should be included or attached in the contract in order to avoid any legal issues that may arise. Details like these could make or break your entire wedding plans, so make sure you keep them in check.

Legal and Binding Agreement

An undertaking should be included in the contract that states that both you and the vendor will adhere to the terms and conditions of the contract. 


This is the part where the signing goes down. A section where the name of the vendors and the client, together with the signatures of both should be boldly stated. Your signatures will solidify the agreement and make the whole contract valid.

Wedding contracts make sure that there is no room for legal issues, extra charges, or abrupt cancellations. Writing up or understanding contracts might seem difficult, which is why we have stated all the important things that you should look out for in your wedding contract.