The Best wedding Season & Autumn Months To Get Married In Australia

While planning your wedding, one of the most important aspects is choosing the perfect wedding date. Before you decide on a wedding date, you need to determine which season your wedding is possibly going to fall on. In the autumn months Australia, the weather can be pretty unpredictable, and it is important to know the predicted timeline of seasons before selecting a wedding date. Seasons play a huge role in setting the mood of your wedding because a lot of planning is tailored around it.  

Each season has its own defining features with varying levels of pros and cons. To select the best wedding date, you need to be sure what season will best suit your wedding theme. This is why we’ve prepared the best guide to help you understand which month is the best for your wedding. First of all, we will break down the benefits and downsides of each major season.

Autumn Weddings

Autumn months in australia is one of the most popular seasons for weddings in Australia and is a lot of people’s favourite season all round. There is something very special about autumn, with weather that is neither too cold nor too hot, landscapes that feature an awesome burst of natural colors, and the perfect lighting for photography. It is easy to see why this season is appealing, but let’s break it down for you.

Merits of autumn weddings

  • The weather is comfortable with mild temperatures that are not too hot or too cold. 
  • Beautiful colors create the perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures and events. The reds and oranges will make you fall in love with nature.
  • The weather is kinda predictable in autumn so you can be sure about your wedding plans.
  • You can be confident in your wardrobe and wedding venue choice because of the comfortable temperature.
  • Autumn weather is friendly towards your hair and makeup.
  • Early sunsets and that is always a good wedding factor.

Demerits of autumn weddings

  • Autumn month is a popular wedding season so you have to book early in order to secure a venue.
  • Autumn is also a holiday season so it is possible that your guests might be busy elsewhere.
  • Rain is a little more frequent in autumn so you might want to have a backup plan while selecting an outdoor venue.

Spring Weddings Season in Australia

Spring is another popular wedding season in Australia and much like autumn, it has mild temperatures that are comfortable. If you love flowers, then this might be your season because all the flowers are in full gorgeous bloom, the grass is a little greener, and the air smells fresher. This creates a beautiful shot-worthy background for your wedding events.

Merits of spring weddings

  • Beautiful floral landscapes will create magical backdrops for your pictures.
  • Spring is the best season for outdoor weddings.
  • Comfortable temperatures that are neither too cold nor too hot. This favors your wardrobe, hair, and makeup.
  • The grass is greener and the air is refreshing.
  • Different varieties of food are available. This will make your menu broad and fresh.
  • The weather pattern is more predictable, hence more friendly towards your wedding plans.
  • Spring has good sunset timing and everybody loves a beautiful sunset backdrop.

Demerits of spring weddings

  • Spring is a popular wedding season so it is advisable to book your venue a bit earlier to avoid unavailability.
  • The weather is good but it could change to too hot very fast.
  • Pollen levels are high in spring, so hay fever could be an issue.

Summer Weddings

 Summer is usually an extremely hot and sticky wedding season in australia. The weather is uncomfortably warm and the sun feels like it’s directly overhead. Speaking of the sun, it does not set early and this could either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the type of wedding you are planning. Summer is not usually favourable for weddings, but it sure has its own perks. 

Merits of summer weddings

  • Summer creates the perfect setting for beach and outdoor weddings.
  • The day lasts very long in summer so you will have more daylight to enjoy your wedding.
  • This season is not a favourite for many so there is a high availability of wedding venues.
  • Summer evenings are usually warm and comfortable.

Demerits of summer weddings

  • The temperature can get too high too fast. The glaring sunlight can be uncomfortable, especially for outdoor weddings.
  • The bright sun also gives photographers difficulty when trying to get the best lighting.
  • Summers do not favor your hair and makeup and things might get sticky pretty fast.
  • Flowers die faster in the heat so it might be a good idea to consider the artificial floral decor and not fresh ones.
  • Your clothes should probably be light and breathable to avoid too much sweating.
  • The weather is also very unpredictable and there is a high chance of getting a rainy wedding or an unprecedented thunderstorm.

Winter Weddings

Much like summer, winter can either be a terrible one or a good wedding season in australia. For outdoor weddings, the weather can be a bit too harsh because of the low temperatures. Indoor weddings in winter are actually very favorable and you do not have to worry about too much sweat, which makes wearing any heavy attire comfortable. You will be able to rock your 3-piece suits and heavy laces comfortably.

Merits of winter weddings

  • The cool weather makes your heavy wardrobe comfortable and you don’t have to worry about sweating too much.
  • Indoor weddings turn out pretty well in winter because of the cool weather.
  • The colors might be duller than in other seasons but winter pictures turn out wonderfully due to the lighting.
  • Wedding venue availability is very high because winter is not a peak wedding season.
  • Winter is actually one of the driest months in the year so you don’t have to worry about a rainy wedding much.
  • Hair and makeup stay on fleek in winter due to the cool and breathable weather.

Demerits of winter weddings

  • Winter does not favor outdoor weddings due to the very low temperatures.
  • In winter, you need to add layers like jackets to your clothing
  • Less floral options due to limited blooms
  • Sunsets are very short and lack saturation

Now that we have discussed each season, the important question still remains:

What Are the Best Months To Get Married in Australia?


Based on our analysis of the seasons in Australia, we’ve selected March and November as our picks for the best months to get married in Australia.


In Australia, the month March marks the beginning of autumn and the temperature averages to 22°C which is very comfortable weather that is neither too hot nor too cold. And we can all agree that the beautiful scenery that accompanies autumn’s burst of colors makes this month a wedding planner’s dream. 


November is spring. The temperature sits comfortably on an average of 24°C in Australia and it could get a little bit warmer since it is close to summer. The fresh floral blooms and greener lands set the perfect backdrop for your wedding event. 

We know how unpredictable the weather in Australia can be and there’s no knowing these things for sure, but we hope this article has helped you in making a decision about your wedding date. Nothing is more important than saying ‘I do to the person you love, and that is why we hope to make that moment as perfect as possible for you.