Most Popular & Auspicious Wedding Dates of 2019

Most Popular & Auspicious Wedding Dates of 2019

Are you looking to be a bride in 2019 and not sure which date to set your wedding?

Two thousand and eighteen really seemed like the year to tie the knot with momentous weddings from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to Princess Eugene and Jack Brooksbank. Love was in the air with weddings flying everywhere, and here at Clarence House, we understand that there’s always a lot of thought and preparation that go into planning a wedding.

Don’t count out 2019 yet! Here is an outline of the best wedding dates for 2019.

1. Novelty Date

A novelty date is a great way to ensure your invitation looks attractive, a scientific pattern to make it look aesthetically pleasing. These are days that repeat themselves and a sure way to make your date stand out! Sunday, September 1, 2019 (9/1/19); Wednesday, October 9, 2019 (10/9/19) and Monday, November 11, 2019 (11/11/19).

2. Palindrome Date

Each calendar year has only one palindrome date. A palindrome is a word or number that reads the same either backward or forwards. It is a day that you can look at with sentimental value, and can look great on your wedding invitation. For 2019, it would be September 9, 2019 (9/10/2019), and if you still can’t see it, 9102019.

3. Some Days of the Week to Consider Your Wedding

Saturday: without a doubt, this is the most popular day of the week when choosing a wedding. Nothing screams more romantic than Saturday, which also allows the comfort for your guests to properly prepare for the big day and to get any days off if necessary.

Wednesday: an old Irish tradition from a very historical poem states that ‘Wednesday’s the best day of all!’ and the Irish know best.

Thursday: Thursday is a great day to be married during the week and you can save a lot of money by avoiding peak day prices like Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Recent studies show that typical places like big cities and towns have more and more weddings being held on Thursdays compared to the more traditional weekend dates.

4. More Notable Dates

Seasonal Dates: When Choosing a Month to Get Married It Is Important to Consider the Time of the Year and the Season the Month Falls In. June, September, and October Are Considered the Months with the Best Weather to Get Married In.

New Year’s Eve: This is a great wedding day to set because everyone is in the festive season and out for a good time. Some believe the best way to set the tone for the year is to get married the day before New Year’s.

Where to Go for All Your Wedding Plans and More?

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