Top 10 Serbian Wedding Customs and Traditions

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Are you looking to get married and need a touch of inspiration from Serbian Wedding traditions for your big day? Look no further.

Serbia is well known for having a deep culture and unique tradition passed on from generation to generation, and their weddings are no different. Here, we take a look at the top 10 Serbian wedding traditions that you may want to consider, whether you’re of Serbian descent or not.

1. Decorations

The decoration is an indispensable part of the Serbian wedding custom enjoyed by both the younger and older generations. The bride and the groom’s house are well decorated with flowers and balloons all over even up to the front gate.

2. Buklia

The buklia is a nicely decorated bottle filled with a traditional homemade wine or what the locals call rakija. Buklia is served out to invited guests to the wedding and sometimes used as a formal invitation.

3. Traditional Garments

In the old days, a bride and groom were dressed in folklore garments for their big day. Nowadays, many newlyweds opt for old-fashioned costumes instead of trendy wedding dresses and tuxedos.

4. Kum

Kum is the best man at the wedding and this role is considered a great honor. Such an offer cannot be refused and the tradition is kept even today.

5. Svatovi

Svatovi is the wedding guests and they arrive at the groom’s house as the wedding ceremony begins early in the morning. Then they all travel together to the bride’s house.

6. Apple Shooting

This is a very special Serbian wedding tradition that is still practiced in rural regions. An apple is hanged at the bride’s house, on a tree. The groom has to shoot the apple and only when he takes down the apple from the tree, is he allowed to enter the bride’s home.

7. Wedding Cake

The bride’s mother purchases the wedding cake. After the cutting of the cake, the bride gives the groom the first bite and vice versa. Then they should kiss each other, wiping their mouths by kisses after.

8. Wedding Season

Traditionally, weddings are mainly organized in the autumn season. The custom was established at a time when their culture was aligned with rural activities. Fieldwork is finished in the fall and after the harvest, most people are able to celebrate with wedding celebrations.

9. Mirror and Garlic

In the old tradition, the brides carried around small mirrors on their wedding day. This is a deep custom meant to ward off demons. To avoid bad luck, some brides also carry a clove of garlic.

10. Coin Throwing

After the ceremony, the kum and maid of honor stand beside the flag bearer and the godfather carries a bag of coins. The crowd then anticipates and yells that “his bag is on fire”, prompting the godfather to throw the coins.

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