15 Traditions You Can See at Jewish Wedding

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Are you going to experience a Jewish wedding for the first time?

The importance of a Jewish marriage is grounded in the bible and a traditional Jewish wedding is full of meaningful rituals. These Jewish marriage customs symbolize the beauty of the couple’s relationship plus their obligations to each other and to the Jewish people.

Here is a list of 15 traditions you will experience at a Jewish wedding.

1. Bedeken (Veiling)

Before the ceremony, the groom approaches the bride for the veiling, signifying that his love for her is for her inner qualities and not outward beauty and that the two are one after marriage.

2. Breaking Plate

The two mothers breaking a plate symbolize the acceptance of the conditions of engagement. It also symbolizes from the bible the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem and foreshadows the breaking of the glass that is also part of the Jewish wedding ceremony.

3. Aufruf

Prior to the wedding reception, a Jewish couple may partake in an Aufruf, where the couple is called up together to recite an aliyah or special blessing after the Torah reading.

4. Fasting

Some Jewish couples fast on the day of their wedding. Similar to the significant holiday Yom Kippur, this is to signify the washing of sin.

5. Ketubah

A common Jewish tradition is the signing of a marriage contract called ketubah, held shortly before the wedding.

6. Chuppah

The chuppah, a roof with four pillars, is considered one of the most important Jewish wedding traditions.

7. Vows Under the Chuppah

The couple’s parents join them under the chuppah, along with the rabbi, and vows are made under the chuppah.

8. The Processional

After the rabbi, the groom, bridal team, and then the bride are escorted down the aisle.

9. Circling

This tradition involving the bride circling the groom to symbolize protection is common at many Jewish weddings.

10. Mazel Tov

Shouting mazel tov, meaning a cheer for good luck once the wedding ceremony is over and the glass is broken, is one of the most well-known Jewish wedding rituals.

11. Yichud

In this Jewish wedding tradition, couples spend at least eight minutes in seclusion or yichud, reflecting privately on their new relationship.

12. Sheva Brachot

The seven blessings, called the Sheva Brachot, are read in both Hebrew and English and shared between family members or friends.

13. Prayer Shawl

A prayer shawl is used as part of a Jewish wedding tradition where the couple’s parents wrap the shawl around the couple’s shoulders as a symbol of unity and love.

14. Reception Dances

These joyful dances take place immediately after the newlyweds enter the reception room, after the first dance.

15. Seudat Mitzvah

This traditional Jewish circle dance gets everyone involved and the wedding couple can be lifted up and carried in chairs around the dance floor.

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