Unique Indian Wedding Traditions You Didn’t Know About

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Are you keen to learn more about Indian wedding traditions?

India is a diverse country with unique cultures, religions, and beliefs. As a result, there are plenty of interesting Indian wedding traditions you probably don’t know about. One thing that’s certain however is that Indian weddings are fun, dynamic, and very colorful!

Here are six unique traditions we bet you’ve never heard of.

1.Misri – Sweet Blessings for the Future

One of the first things to know about Indian weddings is that they typically last three days. And during these three days, there are a host of ceremonies held in between. The very first of these is a ceremony known as Misri. Misri is simply rocking sugar that the groom’s parents give their son’s bride. The significance of this gift is the blessings of a sweet future. In addition, the couple is adorned with garlands of flowers and exchange prayers as well as their wedding bands.

2. Sangeet Party – Dance the Night Away!

Bollywood has certainly taught us that no Indian wedding reception is complete without dancing! And this is exactly what the sangeet party is all about. This is where the women get together for some fun through song and dance. This ceremony can be attended by both sides of the family and can also be merged with the Mehendi ceremony.

3. Mehendi (Henna Ceremony) – Intricate Patterns in Preparation

Henna is an integral part of life for Indian women. Indian women celebrate life and love through the designs drawn on their hands and feet. A day before the wedding, the bride and her female relatives spend time adorning themselves with henna. The patterns chosen are meant to illustrate the love that will be shared between the bride-to-be and her future husband. The Sagri ceremony and Mehendi ceremony can be done at the same time.

4. Haldi Ceremony – Calming the Bride and Groom

Cold feet on the morning of the wedding are common. Indian culture has a solution for that in an intimate ceremony known as Haldi whereby both groom and bride’s family take some of the clothes of the couple and spread a mixture of water and oil over them. In addition, turmeric is rubbed over the skin of the couple. This is a form of blessing and is believed to help calm them down.

5. Mandap Ceremony – Exchange of Vows

No traditional Indian wedding is complete without some Indian wedding decorations – the more colorful the better. And one custom that has been upheld to this day is having the wedding ceremony under a mandap which is simply a four-pillared canopy that’s exquisitely decorated often with flowers and cloth.

6. Laja Homa – a Blessing from the Brother

Indian weddings have ceremonies within ceremonies! One such ceremony that takes place during the actual wedding is Laja Homa. It’s when the bride’s brother pours rice into his sister’s cupped hands. Some of the rice falls through her hands into the groom’s hands which are just beneath hers and fall into the Agni (traditional fire).

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