5 Tips To Pull Off A Wedding Everyone Will Be Talking About!

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Do You Want to Host the Wedding of the Year?

No two weddings are ever the same, and no weddings are created equal. There are some weddings that are just better than others, and that’s a fact. Whether it comes down to excellent organizing or simply having the more disposable income to lavish on the wedding, we can all agree that there are some weddings that are just memorable. Here are our top 5 tips to pull off a wedding everyone will remember and talk about for years to come!

1. Choose an Idyllic Venue

Your Sydney wedding venue set the tone for your wedding. You might not realize it, but a venue that offers guests the ability to take a stroll in lush gardens, enjoy picturesque views, and bask in the warm sun will have a positive impact on their overall experience of your wedding. Get your guests in a good mood by choosing the right wedding reception venue.

2. Share Your Journey with Your Guests

How did you meet? What was the proposal like? What was your reaction like? People are curious to know these details…so fill them in! We live in a digital age and people love visuals. Some guests will only know you, and others will only know your partner. Share a bit about yourself and your journey together through creative short video blurbs placed at the entrance or the gift table. String along pictures and create a couples idea board where people can wish you well and leave marriage advice.

Pull Off A Wedding

3. Don’t Be Stingy with Food

Well-fed guests make happy guests. If you have people arriving in from out of town, it’s always a nice touch to have something ready for them to eat. This could be something as simple as a tea table with a few sandwiches and cupcakes. For the rest of your guests, you might like to have a few food tables scattered across the venue to ensure that guests can grab something to eat, as and when they get hungry. You can also opt for waiters who walk around with platters of drinks and food it that’s more your style.

4. Choose an Entertaining Mc

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing like a good MC for any event. A hilarious and funny MC who can make people laugh and have a good time is worth their weight in gold. Take your time to inquire about MC’s and hear their material first before booking them for your big day!

5. Get a Funky Photo Booth

There are lots of in-between times during a wedding. Don’t let your guests get bored. Keep them entertained by placing multiple photo-booths with different themes around the venue. You’ll have lots of great memories and unique photos of your wedding to remember guests by!

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