How to Plan Your Dream Wedding

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Planning your weddings is part of having a memorable experience. Along the way, you’ll discover a lot about your partner and yourself and if you approach the experience with optimism, you should have fun. The love you share will ultimately make your wedding day unforgettable regardless of how you arrange it.

Unquestionably, a couple’s wedding is the most memorable event of their lives. It is a celebration of their impending life together, love and unity. It make sense that when you are organising your ideal wedding, you could easily become overwhelmed. The wedding market is overflowing with choices for gowns, cakes, bands, locations, flowers and much more.

Here are some tips to help you plan your dream wedding:


Are you a fan of summer, spring, winter or autumn? Deciding on the weather you prefer is a good starting point for your planning.


This one ties in with timing. Do you fancy a destination wedding or would you rather tie the knot at home? Either way- both are considerations when laying the foundations for your big day.

Guest List

Maybe you want a small, intimate ceremony with just close friends and family or perhaps you envision a grand celebration with everyone you know. The guest list is a significant factor as it involves choosing who you want to join you on this special day.


Once you have your dream location, guest lis, and time of year sorted- it’s time to narrow down your venues options. Do you picture an outdoor wedding in a park or a classic ceremony in a church?


Whether you’ve dreamt of a live band or have a special connection with a DJ- sourcing entertainment is an exciting part of planning the finer details of your wedding.


While you’ll remember your wedding day for years to come…photographs are a bonus! Photographers, videographers and photo booths are excellent ways to capture beautiful visuals to look back on.


Don’t forget that food is a crucial part of any event. Catering for your guests and ensuring your favorite flavors are included is a significant aspect of your wedding planning.