What are the Most Popular Wedding Trends of 2021

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Planning a wedding is no easy task. From finding the right venue to choosing a color scheme and matching decor, there are quite a few jobs that need to be completed before everything is said and done. And that’s just for the visual experience; planning your itinerary, inviting all the guests, coordinating the RSVPs, hiring a caterer, and building a menu… these are only a few amongst the list of tasks that will contribute to the full wedding experience on your big day.

However, while all of these jobs will need to be prioritised, there is one that’s arguably more important than all the rest. And that is the role of the decision-maker. Choosing the right wedding styles as the decision-maker will play a big part in whether your wedding day becomes a stunning success, or whether everything crashes down and burns on the happiest day of your life.

In this blog, we are going to help you nail this role by outlining a few key wedding trends that have taken off in 2021. These updates in wedding decor styles and practices will be sure to help you make the right choices when planning your wedding, which is necessary if you’d like to create a magical and romantic atmosphere for both your ceremony and reception.

So let’s get started…

1. Tents and Outdoor Spaces for Wedding venues:

Outdoor weddings have been taking off in the years leading up to 2021. However, this year, they’ve ranked amongst our top list of popular wedding trends simply because of the airy ambiance and romantic atmosphere that they add to a wedding event.

Having your wedding out in nature will help you lean on the environment’s beauty for decorative appeal. As such, the lush green grass and sea blue sky (amongst countless multi-colored flower beds and trimmed bushes) will serve as a stunning backdrop as you stand below your wedding arch and say, “I do”, which is simply a dream. In addition to this, taking your reception into an open tent will allow you to incorporate this fresh and natural feel during mealtime, and bring it onto the dance floor. So why no consider an outdoor wedding plus tent combo. Because as of 2021, tents and gardens are the new ballrooms.

2. Informal Toasts 

Because most weddings have been reduced to smaller guest lists in 2021, this year has seen an upswing in tiny and informal toasts. With most wedding party’s fitting more intimately in smaller spaces, many planners have noticed a change in speech formality; instead of a best man giving a long and formal speech to 200+ people, these speeches have become increasingly less formal as the numbers have decreased. As such, most couples are turning toward requesting tiny toasts from their friends and family, which has made many weddings in 2021 more intimate.

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