Picture Perfect Luxury Wedding Reception Venues at Clarence House

perfect luxury wedding venues Sydney at clarence house

Looking for the ultimate picture-perfect luxury wedding reception venues? Then look no further than Clarence House.

Your wedding day should be everything and more of what you dreamt it to be. It is after all the start of an amazing future together with your significant other. This is why we invite you to consider one of Sydney’s amazing luxury wedding reception venues for your big day.

Luxury Wedding Venues Right in the Heart of Sydney

luxury wedding reception

With so many people looking to get married each year, finding the right wedding venue can be an uphill task. Fortunately for you, Clarence House makes your search a little easier. Boasting two state-of-the-art luxury reception venues, with all-inclusive packages such as catering, waiter service, and guest parking, Clarence House should definitely be on your list of venues to visit.

Clarence House’s Idyllic Setting

So many couples tell us that after months and months of planning, they are always surprised by how fast the day goes by. However, the one thing they are always eternally grateful for is having chosen such an idyllic setting for their wedding and a great photographer to capture all the moments.  We want the same for you as well, eternal memories in one of Sydney’s most luxurious wedding venues.

Invest in What Matters Most

luxury wedding reception venues sydney

We’ve all heard horror stories of wedding reception venues – a double booking, gate-crashing, poor décor and more. This is not what you want on your big day. When you choose Clarence House as your wedding venue of choice, you’ve made a wise decision. You’ve chosen to invest in peace of mind and tranquillity. You’ve chosen luxury and class over common and tacky. In essence, you’ve chosen well.

Unrivaled Venues

When history retells the story of your wedding, you want it to be kind. This starts with the right venue, for your pictures will tell a story of a thousand words. Budget weddings might sound hip and cool today, but in the long run, you’ll probably wish that you had opted for the luxury wedding venue instead. Fortunately for you, Clarence House has two such venues for you to choose from.

luxury wedding reception venues

luxury wedding reception venues

The Lemnos

If you’re after elegance, contemporary charm, and sophistication for your upcoming wedding, then look no further than the iconic Lemnos luxury wedding reception venue.

The Victorian

If you’re looking for a cultured affair that’s quintessentially show-stopping and stately in nature then you might want to seriously consider The Victorian as your venue of choice.

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