Clarence House’s Most Amazing Wedding Venues

Most amazing wedding reception venues in western Sydney

Do you need a jaw-dropping wedding venue that’ll make your wedding the talk of the year?

It’s not every day that you come across a stunning wedding venue that knocks the wind right out of you. Yes, seriously we’ve had couples visit Clarence House and it was love at first sight. 35 years in the business, I think we’re doing something right.

Sydney: Home to the Best Wedding Venues in the Country

Sydney is home to some of the world’s most amazing wedding venues, and we’re proud to say that Clarence House is among those venues. This family-owned business has been running for some time now and has allowed thousands of couples to enjoy a memorable wedding.

Amazing Wedding Venues

What Makes Clarence House Amazing?

Many wedding venues in Sydney claim to offer incredible service, but is that really true? We believe that the proof is in the pudding. We have the statistics to back up our claims as to what keeps us ahead of the pack and going strong. We have:

  • 2 unrivaled world-class venues – The Lemnos and The Victorian;
  • 3,000 couples over 35 years who have trusted us to host their weddings;
  • Seating of up to 500 guests with complimentary parking, in Sydney!
  • World-class chef to craft your ideal menu;
  • A family-owned venue which adds that extra feeling of being home;
  • Staff with over 60 years of experience in the business.

Clarence House – Home Away From Home

Many couples have said they felt right at home when they visited Clarence House. Perhaps it’s the sense of calm they feel when they arrive: the peace that permeates the place. The quiet pace that we’ve set to ensure that couples – often stressed out by all the wedding planning – can finally slow down and breath knowing that there is a trusted team behind them that’s got their backs.

amazing wedding venues sydney

Without being rushed, couples are taken on an exclusive tour of our stunning wedding venues. And many brides-to-be have been reduced to tears by the sheer elegance of our venues, particularly when they see The Victorian reception venue. This is especially true of brides who have always dreamed of having a traditional wedding. I guess you could say we are in the business of making dreams come true.

Won’t It Cost Me a Fortune?

Many people don’t believe us the first time we quote them for our venues – for good reason. They think we’re joking. Our prices are so favorable and well within the budgets of most couples that it seems their fairy godmother just smiled upon them. What’s more, because we know just how important your big day is, we have put together incredible discounts and offers to help you offset the total cost of hiring our venues.

Find out more about our venues and offers by giving us a call or dropping in to see us today.