Top 7 Things Every Wedding Reception Venue Should Have

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Most people only have one chance of throwing a memorable wedding, and the wedding venue plays a very big role in that. Your venue will feature in every picture therefore; it truly has to be spectacular. For this reason, many couples are willing to spend a fortune on the wedding venue of their dreams. However, for a venue to be ‘The One’ what are some of those much needed must-have factors?

1. Space to fit all your guests

You want a wedding venue which will accommodate all your invited guests. Make sure you ask if the numbers given are for seated guests. Yes, as unbelievable as it is, there are some venues that can only accommodate all your guests by having some seated and some standing. That’s not what you want, and neither is it what we recommend.

2. Competitive fees that have inclusive options

Quality Wedding Reception Venue in Belmore Sydney Australia

A wedding reception venue of repute should charge you a comprehensive price with inclusive features. The booking fee shouldn’t just be for venue hire. The hire fee should include complimentary parking, décor and or in-house catering.

3. Change rooms for the bride, groom and bridal party

This should be a given for such a big day. The bride and groom, as well as their bridal party, need to set apart rooms for changing, tweaking make-up and generally space away from the crowds to rest. A quality wedding venue will be able to provide this and more for you and your team.

4. Disability and senior-friendly facilities for elderly family members

If you intend on having senior family members at your wedding, then you’re going to want that venue to be a disability and senior-friendly. It’s vital to book a wedding reception venue that allows those who are disabled and elderly to move around and navigate without hassles.

5. Enough restrooms to accommodate the masses

High-Quality Wedding Reception Venue in Belmore Sydney Australia

Planning to have several hundred guests? Then you’re going to need a venue that has enough restrooms to prevent long queues outside these bathrooms. Furthermore, your desired venue must have the staff to monitor and keep these lavatories in tip-top shape. Nobody likes an unsightly toilet.

6. Technical support for music and lighting

A high-quality venue will offer technical and lighting support on your big day. Preferably there should be an in-house DJ with whom you can sit down and choose your music. In this way, you won’t have to bother about ensuring that the outsourced lighting and tech staff have arrived and set up on time.

7. No double booking

It seems like a common courtesy that a wedding venue would not double book two weddings on the same day. However, for many venues, business is business and the more weddings they can book per day, the better for them. You wouldn’t want to feel rushed now, would you? Therefore don’t settle for such. You deserve a peaceful day.

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