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Wedding Stress
Wedding Planning

How to Cope with all that Wedding Stress

When you watch romantic movies often, you may begin to think that weddings are easy to plan. It’s almost always the same story. A bride meets her groom in the beginning of the movie and it’s love at first sight. They talk for a little bit, and then the date, then drama drama drama… until you skip forward to 5 minutes before the end of the movie where their standing at the alter.

However, the unfortunate reality about planning a real-world wedding is that it takes a lot more than 5 minutes. It also takes a lot of effort. From booking your venue and hiring a caterer, to overseeing your venue’s decor while coordinating with your baker, planning a wedding can be a full-time job. And as most full-time jobs, it can also be the cause of a lot of stress.

If your feeling stressed because of wedding preparations, we’d love to support you and help ease your wedding planning burdens. As such, below, we will explore 3 key tips that will help you manage your stress levels when planning your wedding.

1. Meditate

Wedding stress can sometimes be very worrying. All of the feelings of tension and stress that it causes may flood your body with bad energy. As such, when it comes to releasing these negative feelings, meditation is a great way to do so. The added benefit when it comes to meditation is that you can meditate at any time, and in any place. Simply calm your breathing and attempt to quieten your mind. After a few moments of oneness with your inner self, you’re sure to find yourself with renewed energy.

2. Breathing Exercise

If your feeling stressed, simply taking a deep breath can do wonders. I know it sounds silly, but bear with me. In times when negative thoughts and harsh energies are filling your body, you can expel them by simply taking a long deep breath. This will help make you feel a little bit more centered, which can make a huge difference when you’re facing wedding planning stresses.

3. Remember your “Why”

Sometimes, when you start to get bogged down in the intricacies of the wedding planning process, you may begin to lose sight of “Why” it is that you’re planning a wedding in the first place. This can then cause your stress levels to increase exponentially. But this won’t happen if you remember your why. When you’re feeling stressed due to wedding planning, simply take a look at your fiancé’s beautiful face and remember why exactly it is that you want to marry them in the first place. This is sure to dispel your stresses and provide you with renewed vigor.

Planning a perfect wedding venue is always very stressful. However, it doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking to have a stress free wedding experience, simply reach out to us here at Clarence House. We are equipped with a strong team that has a wealth of experience in planning stress-free weddings. As such, when you work with us, you’re guaranteed a hassle-free experience. Contact us today and you can be one step closer to planning a stress-free wedding.

Wedding Venue
Wedding Venues

5 Main Things to Remember When Choosing a Wedding Venue

Weddings can be very difficult to plan. Though organizing seating charts and coordinating with caterers can be a very tough job, the hardest part about most weddings is decision making. You’ll have to choose your flowers, your decor, your menu, your color scheme and so much more. But amongst these, the most important decision of all is the wedding venue you choose. Your venue sets the background for the entire day. As such, it is very important to get this decision right. Here at Clarence House, we are equipped with years of knowledge and experience that will help you select the perfect venue.

Here are a few tips to consider, in order to make the right choice for your wedding venue.

1. Choose a destination

The first major decision that you should make, when selecting your wedding venue, is to ask yourself whether you’d like to have a local wedding or a destination wedding. Choose a location that fits both your dreams and that of your spouse. Also, factor in your budget and guest list. Ask yourself whether you’d be able to add travel costs to your overall budget. In addition, you should think about whether your invited guest will be able to travel to a remote destination for your wedding.

2. Cut out your “NO” venues

The next important tip is to think about your “No” venues. For this, you must ask yourself which venue types you will most definitely not want to get married in. Maybe you hate gardens, or you’re not a fan of the beach. These questions will help you narrow down your list of potential venues, by illuminating those venue types that you don’t like.

3. Think about your estimated guest number

Considering the size of your guest list is another very important part when it comes to finding the perfect wedding venue. If you have a rather large guest list, then your wedding will require a bigger space (maybe a grand hall or a large church). However, if your guest list is a little on the smaller side, this opens you up to more intimidate wedding venues (e.g. gardens and beaches).

4. Come up with a ballpark budget figure

Your budget will probably be the largest factor that impacts the type of wedding venue you’ll be able to get. As such, it is important to consider any budgetary constraints right at the start.

5. Look for the “Wow” Factor

Finally, after you’ve factored all of the above and come down to a shortlist of potential wedding venues, it is now time to look for that “Wow” Factor. Amongst your list, looking for any venues that immediately catch your eyes, or that have something special that you like.

If you’re looking to find your dream wedding venue, contact us here at Clarence House. We will be able to find you the perfect wedding venue and make your dreams come true.

Dream Wedding
Wedding Planning

5 ways to elevate your dream wedding

Have you attended a lot of weddings? At this stage, you’ll most probably have a good understanding of all the general elements that one must consider, in order to plan a dream wedding. By now, you’ve probably picked your dream wedding venue and sorted out your decor. You’ve probably settled on a beautiful color scheme, planned out your wedding interplay down to the second. However, most wedding planners will often find that no matter how perfect your wedding may be, it may closely resemble those you’ve attended. Are looking for something that will take their wedding to the next level and make it stand out from the crowd?

Here are 5 elements that will “Wow” your guest, and make your wedding uniquely amazing.

1. Use the power of candlelight

There is just something special about a candlelit room. Candles create a romantic environment that is guaranteed to boost your wedding. By creating an atmosphere of love, candles allow you to feel a deeper connection with your partner on your big day. They will also enchant your guests, and take the comments you’ll generate about your dream wedding from 8/10’s, to 10/10’s.

2. Hire a wedding stylist

Though you may have a keen eye, professional assistance could be the difference between a good wedding, and a great wedding. Hiring a professional wedding stylist will allow you to furnish your wedding with décor that doesn’t simply match, but that complements your venue and overall wedding atmosphere.

3. Use Calligraphy

When it comes to making a wedding absolutely amazing, often the small details make a huge difference. As such, investing in calligraphy (beautifully written and printed invitations, custom napkins, and menus) has the power to truly elevate your wedding day. By ensuring that all your prints are in gorgeous ink, you’ll turn your dream wedding into a reality.

4. Flowers

Another very important element that has the power to take your wedding to the next level is the flowers you choose. Flowers are your ultimate decorative tool. As such, it is important to ensure that all your bouquets not only look good but smell amazing as well. This will quite literally allow you to place the smell of “love in the air”.

5. Personalize everything

Our final tip, and probably the most important point, is to personalize all your wedding elements. You should choose a venue, choose a style and choose a menu that uniquely appeals to you. This will allow you to truly make your wedding day stand out from all the rest.

Are you looking to plan a perfect wedding that is both unique and a total of 10 out of 10? If so, you should reach out to us here at Clarance House. We are equipped with a strong team that has a wealth of experience in hosting weddings. Contact us today and you can be one step closer to having your dream wedding.

Wedding Destination
Wedding Planning

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Destination

Your wedding venue impacts all of the major elements that will contribute to planning the perfect wedding. From when you walk down the aisle, to that incredible moment when you both say “I do”.Your wedding venue will set the stage for the biggest day of your life. Above all else, what most of your guests (your friends and family), you will remember most parts of your wedding but so the venue needs to be memorable in both photos and videos. The place that you eat. The photos you take and store in your wedding album… the memories you make; all of this will be impacted by your venue decision. As such, it is very important to make sure that you’ve settled on the right choice.

Here are a few tips to consider, in order to make the right choice for your wedding venue.

Think about where you don’t want to get married

This may seem like an irrelevant tip. However, if you’d like to make your venue decision period as short and painless as possible, begin by thinking about the worst wedding venue you can imagine. Maybe you hate the beach, or you’re not a fan of going to church. Ask your partner about the venues that they despise, then use this information to factor out all of these venue types from your decision making.

Consider your optimum guest number

Another important factor you’ll need to include in your wedding venue deliberations is your optimum guest count. Think about the number of people that you’d like to have at your wedding. This can help you choose between big and small venues, which will further help you in narrowing down your list of potential wedding venues.

Write down your estimated Budget

The amount of money that you and your spouse have to pay for your wedding is another very important question to ask yourself, as you look through potential wedding venues. Obviously, some wedding venues will cost more than others. Talk about what figure you’d be comfortable with for the cost of renting out your venue, then use this figure as another filter to cut down your list of potential venues.

Choose the venue that feels right

After you’ve narrowed down to just a few prospective venues that would be perfect for you, it is now decision time. Sit down with your partner and ask each other about the wedding venue you like best from the list. Shuffle through your list and look for a venue that has a “Wow” Factor (something that draws your attention). From this, you’ll be able to select the perfect choice.

Whatever your dream wedding venue maybe, we can make it happen. Here at Clarence House, we are equipped with a strong team that has a wealth of experience in hosting weddings. Contact us today and you can be one step closer to having the wedding of your dreams.

Luxury Wedding Venues
Wedding Planning

3 Things to Consider When Planning Your Luxury Wedding

Are you ready for the biggest and the greatest day of your life? Well, even though your wedding day can be an amazing experience filled with joy, happiness, and lots of smiles, it will also usually involves a lot of work. From finding the perfect luxury wedding venue in Sydney to selecting and coordinating the gorgeous theme elements, planning a luxury wedding is not for the faint of heart. In any movies, when you see the perfect bride walking down the aisle in a stunning dress, as her groom stands near the arch with a big smile on his face this may instantly become your dream. However, there is a lot to consider and there are many important decisions to make in order to make this dream a reality.

Here are the top 3 most important wedding elements that you’ll have to consider, in order to have a luxury wedding.

1. Choose the perfect venue

If you’re looking to plan a luxury wedding your wedding venue will be the most important element that you’ll have to consider. Exotic and unique venues have the power to take an already amazing wedding and bring it to the next level. In order to nail that “Wow” Factor, consider having your wedding at a botanical garden or on a beach. Whichever venue that you choose, you must ensure that it’s an eye-catching backdrop.

2. What’s your colour scheme

Every luxury wedding requires a singular enchanting tone that will be remembered. What’s yours? It’s important to choose a colour scheme that resonates with both you and your bride. Your colour scheme will impact not only what you and your bride’s maids or groomsmen wear, but the colour of the décor you choose and maybe even the cake you buy. As such, you will need to really think about your colour scheme, and select one that not only looks good, but that matches with both you and your partner’s preferences.

3. Style and Decor

The final question you’ll need to ask yourself yet one of the most important elements you must think about when planning your luxury wedding is what your overall style will be. This decision will also be impacted heavily by the luxury venue and colour scheme that you choose. Think about what type of wedding you’d like to have. Would you like a classic wedding (one at a church or indoor venue with a white colour scheme), or do you prefer something a little more out of the box? Whatever choice you make, it’s important to make sure that your decision ties in with the two other elements above.

Are you looking for the best possible luxury wedding venue? Reach out to us here at Clarence House. Not only will we be able to find you the venue of your dreams, but our team has a wealth of experience in hosting weddings that will be instrumental in helping you prepare for your big day. Contact us today and you can be one step closer to having the wedding of your dreams.

Wedding Planning

How To Plan A Luxury Wedding On A Budget

Your wedding is probably one of the biggest days of your life. But hosting a luxury wedding comes with a hefty price tag that is not always attainable or realistic for some couples. The word ‘Budget’ plays a massive role when planning your big special day and in this blog, we will cover the importance of how you can have your extravagant wedding without breaking the bank. At Clarence House, we believe that couples can stick to their wedding budget and still have the wedding they desire by using what we call the ‘splurge and save’ method. To find out more about what it is, read on!

1. What is the ‘splurge and save’ method?

Simply put, you get to splurge on what means most to you as a couple and save on other areas that are not so important. For example, why not have a wedding food buffet and have simple décor as a way to save money. The best way to get this done is by compiling a list of your priorities so that you can both agree on what you get to splurge on and what you are looking to save a bit of money on.

2. How to save on the wedding dress

One of the most expensive price tags that usually come with a wedding is the wedding dress. If this is your splurge purchase, feel free to indulge yourself but if you are looking to save some coin on your wedding dress purchase, here’s how. You can stay on the lookout for bridal sales. These usually come at the end of the season so you need to prepare in advance so that you take advantage of any sales that will be on offer.

3. Simple and stylish décor

One great way to keep under budget is by opting for simple and stylish décor. Better yet you can choose a venue that is already beautiful and needs little in the form of décor to make it shine. We have such venues at Clarence house. All our venues are stunning and will be the perfect backdrop for your luxury wedding. The great thing about working with us is that we are committed to making each couple have an authentic experience at our wedding venues. All our previous clients will attest to it, that our service is unparalleled, and the wedding experience is one that stays with couples for a very long time to come.

There is a reason why we are one of Sydney’s best wedding reception venues. Our team has a wealth of experience hosting weddings for many couples. Contact us today and you can be one step closer to having the wedding of your dreams.

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Micro Wedding
Wedding Planning

The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Micro Wedding

There’s been a buzz about micro weddings, have you heard it? If you are planning a wedding in 2020, we are pretty sure that you have considered having one. It’s undeniable that the pandemic has changed the face of the wedding industry. Some couples were forced to change their dates and others were made to scale down their wedding plans. If you find yourself in that situation and don’t know how to have a micro wedding, fear not. At Clarence House, we embrace every couple’s vision for their wedding, and we are here to give you the ultimate guide to planning a micro wedding.

1. What is a micro wedding?

There’s a lot of conflicting information about what exactly a micro wedding is. This is because they are so similar to intimate weddings. By nature, micro weddings are intimate. As a couple, you get to choose what a micro wedding means to you. What you get to realize is that micro weddings are more about the mindset than a specific number of guests. Their flexibility and intimacy are exactly what makes them special.

2. How to trim your wedding guest list

Whether you have been forced to reduce your guest list by circumstances that are beyond your control or you had planned to have a micro wedding from the get-go, trimming your guest list is inevitable. Couples will be tempted to keep adding guests and before you know it, they will need to be trimmed to fit into the schedule. The easiest way to get this done is just by simply sticking to one guest list and not entertaining the thought of adding more.

3. What to wear at your micro wedding

The fun thing about having a micro wedding is you get to wear whatever you like. This is a chance to break from tradition and fully express yourself. You can choose any outfit that will best reflect your personal style. Think along the lines of a backyard wedding dress, a wedding jumpsuit, or a black wedding gown. Whatever floats your boat, this is the time to let yourself enjoy your wedding day in an outfit of your choosing.

4. Personalize your wedding experience

The great thing about micro weddings is that they are more focused on the wedding experience that your guests will have. Things that would have been cumbersome for a big guest list become more manageable for a smaller crowd. Take your time picking out elements of the day that you are sure will enhance the wedding experience for all your guests.

There is a reason why we are one of Sydney’s best wedding reception venues. Our team has a wealth of experience hosting weddings for many couples. Contact us today and you can be one step closer to having the micro wedding of your dreams.

Wedding Tips

5 Wedding Ideas You’ve Never Seen Before

Weddings are a big event. It’s a chance for the couple to fully express who they are and to show their love. Across the last couple of years, couples have been thinking outside the box for ideas that they can use to make their wedding truly unique we have mentioned a few themes. At Clarence House, we are committed to making each wedding that we host as unique as the couple that will be getting married.

Below are 5 wedding ideas that you’ve never seen before. To find out what these are, read on!

1. An Indoor/Outdoor Wedding
You may think that you’ve seen this before, but we are just about to surprise you. Outdoor weddings are very romantic. This is the reason why many couples opt to have their weddings in an outside venue such as a garden. For those that want to take it up a notch, you can bring the outdoors inside and have an indoor wedding that feels like it is outside. To make this look more authentic, you can lay grass on top of the floor in your wedding venue and decorate the walls with flowers.

2. Themes
This has come in the form of having Vintage theme- have antique decoration like weathered doors and worns in wood seats, or even have vintage classical getaway cars for all your travel needs for your wedding day. Romantic theme- Use soft hues, delicate lighting, plenty of pastel florals, hanging lights, calligraphy or even have a flower wall. Whimsical theme- bright splashes of colour, bohemian components by using incorporate design of elements like multicoloured balloons, streamers, punchy floral arrangements and mismatched chairs. Modern theme- by using think clean lines, geometric shapes and minimal designs. Rustic theme- by using string lights, mason jars, twine, lace and use a lot of wood that contributes to the simple and homey vibes. Themed Décor- the timeless style e.g. Great Gatsby era lavishness that includes robust fonts, ornate gold and sparkles and a lot of geometric shapes with sharp lines oh let’s not forget the tasteful glitz and jazz-age glam with a touch of ode to the vintage allure. Tropical theme- Have plenty of plants (like palms fronds and neon florals), laid- back décor and a signature cocktail.

3. Cheesecake (literally)
Everybody loves cheese and everybody loves cake so why not have both in the form of a wedding cheesecake. The wedding cake is synonymous with weddings but there’s no reason why you need to have a traditional fruit cake or sponge cake at your wedding. Having a cheesecake is a unique feature that will leave your guests marvelling. Instead of having something sweet they can have a tangy mix between cake and cheese, and they will all enjoy its yummy goodness.

4. Cone Juice
Summer is a great time to have weddings. The sun shining and plants in full bloom make it easy to host a great wedding. If you are having your wedding outside you can have this Asian inspired summer treat to keep your wedding guests cool. This is made by adding syrup to finely crushed ice. For an extra punch, you can add some gin or vodka to the cones so that your guests can really enjoy the experience.

5. Sparklers
Sparklers are usually used at birthday parties, why not have them at your wedding. When you are having your first dance as a couple, you can give sparklers to your guests that will be around the dance floor. This lightens the night and it also creates a romantic atmosphere that you will remember for a very long time to come. It will also look great in your wedding photos.
Contact our Clarence House team today and we will help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

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Wedding Venues

Tips And Tricks- How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Pretty much every aspect of your wedding is optional. You can decide not to have a wedding cake and have a cupcake arrangement instead. Some brides ditch traditional wedding gowns and go for more modern dresses or pantsuits. One thing that is universally not optional is the wedding venue. No matter what type of wedding you choose to have you will need to have a venue where you will host your guests. This is where your family and friends will congregate to help you celebrate this big moment in your lives.

Finding a venue that ticks all your boxes is not easy but at Clarence House, we are here to make that step easier for you. To that end, we have compiled a list of some of our top tips for finding the perfect wedding venue.

1. Consult a wedding planner

This is very important. Before you start looking at spaces, consult a wedding planner. Wedding planners are more intuitive about the capabilities of a space, how the layout will look like as well as the type of décor that will work well in that venue. At Clarence House, we have an in-house wedding consultant that will be able to walk you through our venues and explain just how you can work with the venues that we have available.

2. Choose a venue that you like

This might seem like it goes without saying, but it’s important that you choose a venue that aligns with your vision. Many couples fall into the trap of only going for the trendy wedding venues instead of looking for one that really reflects who they are from the friendly customer service to making your special day a wow factor that will leave you breathless and have smiles throughout the day/night. When you choose a venue that works well with your theme and one that enhances it as well, you will make your wedding feel more connected to the venue that you choose.

3. Get the numbers right

Firstly, you need to know the number of guests that you will have at your wedding. Some venues work best for smaller events and will look cramped if you have too many guests. Alternatively, big venues will not work well for small weddings. Secondly, your budget must be compatible with the venue that you choose. Remember that there will be other added costs such as décor and floral designs. It will be hard to stay under budget if you choose a wedding venue that is too highly-priced.

There is a reason why we are one of Sydney’s best wedding reception venues. Our team has a wealth of experience hosting weddings for many couples. Contact us today and you can be one step closer to having the wedding of your dreams.

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Wedding Venues

French Style Wedding Reception Venue

France… the home of l’amour.  There is something very unique about the French style which cannot be replicated. It’s no wonder why many couples choose to embrace a French theme for their wedding. French-style encompasses romance and whimsy with enchanting blush palettes, lace, and elegant floral arrangements. Your guests will surely be enchanted!

At Clarence House, we have the perfect French-style wedding reception venue. If you are looking for a Sydney wedding reception venue that oozes French class, look no further. Read on to find out how you can have the ultimate French-themed wedding at Clarence House.

1. Lush gardens

The first step towards having a French-themed wedding is by getting a venue that fits your budget and at Clarence House, we have a bloom filled garden which will be the perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony or wedding reception. A garden in full bloom has no equal you will get the added benefit of having a venue where you can take gorgeous photos to remember your big day.

2. Parisian décor

With a French-themed wedding, there is a big difference if you pay a lot of attention to the décor that will be chosen for the day. At Clarence House, we have a team that is ready to work with you so that you get the best décor. Candelabras, renaissance accents, and lush, dripping florals with romantic blush tones, these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we will help you get for your wedding.

3. Wedding floral inspiration

One of the most important aspects of a French-themed wedding is florals. Lots and lots of florals are important to get the venue to look just right. Sumptuous bouquets and frothy garden pieces will make your wedding look and feel authentically French. Peonies, carnations, snapdragons, and dahlias in ornate flower arrangements will make your wedding look beautiful. Vintage vases and antiques will add a perfect touch of Parisian class.

4. Bridal inspiration

When you book at Clarence House you get more than just a wedding venue, we have an in house wedding specialist with whom you can discuss all the details of your wedding. Undoubtedly, the bride is the main focus of any wedding. We will work with you to get everything just right so that you have a day to remember. French style is about elegance and we love it when a bride embodies that.

There is a reason why we are one of Sydney’s best wedding reception venues. Our team has a wealth of experience hosting weddings for many couples. Contact us today and you can be one step closer to having the Parisian wedding of your dreams.

Wedding Venues

Tips To Find The Perfect Sydney Wedding Venue

Did you recently get engaged? Are you planning your wedding and considering which venue you will use? We have some top tips below that can help you to find and choose the right location for you. Read on!

1. Home or away?

This may seem pretty obvious but you need to know where you are going to have the wedding. For many couples, their hometowns are where they plan to marry but there is also a pull of having an exotic location for the wedding. Sydney has many beautiful venues. If you are still not sure then you can use the questions below to help you decide.

  • Where will most of your guests be coming from and how far will they have to travel?
  • If some guests won’t be able to come because of added expenses e.g. Flights, will you be okay with them missing your wedding?
  • Is there enough accommodation for all your guests?
  • Will the venue require you to provide your guests with transport to and fro?
  • Will the vendors that you plan to work with have easy access to the venue?
  • If the location is far, are you okay with finding vendors virtually and potentially not having a face to face meetings with them?

The answers to these questions can help you narrow down your options.

2. Logistics and budget

Your budget will have a great impact on the wedding venue that you eventually end up using. You need to have a number that you are comfortable with and have a rough idea of how many guests you will have on the day. Some venues will not be appropriate for your budget or they can be too big or too small for the number of guests that you want. You can then figure out what different venues offer, and which one is most appealing to you.

3. Style

Now that you have a better idea of what you need, you can focus on what you want. Imagine what your perfect wedding looks like then get it written down. This will help you make big and small decisions concerning the style of your wedding. At this point, you can set appointments with your top options to see if they will be a good fit for your vision. If you find a venue that ticks all your boxes, put in the offer and you can start all your other wedding preps.

4. Have fun!

Wedding planning can be very stressful and overwhelming but you must still have fun with it. Remember, this is a happy event and so it must be fun to plan so that you can look forward to it. At Clarence House, we have a beautiful boutique wedding venue for those that want to get married in Sydney.

Contact our team today and we will help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

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Wedding Planning

Where To Find A Boutique Sydney Wedding Venue

Planning a wedding can be frustrating and stressful. If you are doing everything yourself it can quickly become very hectic and overwhelming. To make it easier for you to have a wedding day that runs smoothly and boutique venues are a great option. Get a good value for money as they provide wedding packages to fit any budget. At Clarence House, we have two gorgeous venues for you to choose from. Read on to find out more about each of them.

1. The Victorian Room

This is a classic wedding venue that is designed to give you an immaculate wedding experience. It is grand yet remarkably intimate and can comfortably house between 110 to 320 guests. When you choose the Victorian Room, you can dance the night away under the warm glow of elegant crystal chandeliers. This venue really has a timeless elegance, charm, and ultimate sophistication. It is so beautiful that you can leave it as is and have your wedding or customize it to your own personal taste.

2. Be thoughtful

The Lemnos is a stunning purpose-built wedding venue. It’s the perfect setting for what will undoubtedly be one of the best days of your life. Its charm, beauty, and extravagance balance flawlessly to create a great ambiance. By choosing the Lemnos, you get everything you are searching for in a wedding venue and more. It is a unique space for club members. You can inquire to find out how you can become a Lemnos Club Member.

At Clarence House, we have a beautiful boutique wedding venue for those that want to have intimate weddings. Contact our team today and we will help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

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Wedding Tips

How To Have A Small And Intimate Wedding

When it comes to wedding celebrations and size does matter. Having a few invited guests can mean that you end up having a more intimate celebration for those that a near and dear to you. You will have more time to spend with each guest and all your invitees can really get to know each other and contribute more in that setting.

Intimate weddings really do have their advantages and at Clarence House, we love having couples who want to have intimate weddings. To help you, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks that you can use to make your small wedding a resounding success.

1. Make the most of your budget

For couples that have limited resources but still want a certain level of quality that they would not be able to provide for a lot of guests perhaps downsizing the guest list is a great option. It’s better to have a 4-course meal for 50 guests than to only provide cake and punch for 300 guests. Use this opportunity to make the day special for the guests that you will invite.

2. Be thoughtful

The great thing about planning a small wedding is that you can be more thoughtful about your wedding invitations and thank you cards. With a small guest list, you can be more intentional and put a more personal touch on these. You could opt to have handwritten thank you notes or have more ornate and elaborate invitations. You really want to make your guests feel like ‘the chosen few’ so spend the extra time.

3. Be detail-oriented

Many people mistakenly think that a smaller wedding is synonymous with a simpler wedding. When the wedding is smaller everything requires careful attention to detail. Snafus that would have been unnoticed with 200 guests milling around will be glaringly obvious when there are 50 guests or under. For this reason, you really need to be detail-oriented.

4. Keep the guest list small

This goes without saying… the only way to make a small wedding successful is by keeping the guest list small. Any other efforts will go down the drain if a wedding for 50 ends up having 120 guests it will make you will look very disorganised. To keep yourself in charge why not go for a venue that is specific for smaller weddings so that it is easy to resist the temptation of an ever-growing guest list.

At Clarence House, we have a beautiful boutique wedding venue for those that want to have intimate weddings. Contact our team today and we will help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

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Pre-Wedding Events Timeline Guide
Wedding News

Pre-Wedding Events Timeline Guide

We all know that a wedding is a pretty big deal. The events leading to it are just as important. They set the tone for the wedding and give you the chance to spend some time with friends and loved ones. As the wedding date gets closer, you will have many events hosted in your honour. These are usually not stressful for the couple as they are planned and hosted by family members or friends. Below is a pre-wedding guide to these events so that you know what to expect. Read on!

1. The Bridal Shower

This is usually the first pre-wedding event it can be held as far as 4 months before the wedding. The bridal shower is hosted by the maid of honour or the whole bridal team. Most times it is a surprise for the bride. Some families choose to host a shower instead and this is okay as well. The bride’s close friends, as well as female relatives from both the bride and groom’s side, are invited. These days a bride can have as many as three bridal showers, so it is okay if some people get left out the first time round.

2. The Bridesmaids’ Luncheon

A bridesmaid’s luncheon is hosted by the bride for her wedding party. This is a chance for her to thank her bridesmaids for being part of the wedding and for any help they give her during the wedding preparations. Some brides give gifts to the attendants. Pre-wedding schedules can get quite busy and you may not get another chance to thank your bridesmaids. Use this opportunity to appreciate your bridal party.

3. The Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

When people think of iconic pre-wedding events, this is usually what comes to mind. Traditionally, this was supposed to be ‘the last night of freedom’ but this does not have to be the case. These are best held two weeks before the wedding so that they do not clash with other pre-wedding events. Nowadays, some couples choose to have a combined bachelor and bachelorette party.

4. The Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Each wedding needs rehearsal and most couples choose to have dinner afterwards. This allows all the guests to get acquainted before the wedding in a more relaxed environment. The groom’s parents are the ones that usually host this dinner. This relieves the pressure off the bride and her family and allows the groom’s family to feel involved as well. For a lot of couples, this is a close family affair and toasts and speeches are given in honour of the couple.

Would you like to discuss any wedding plans with a qualified wedding planner? Our Clarence House team is on hand via telephone and other electronic means to help you with wedding preps. Get in touch with us today.

4 Tips To Host An Intimate Wedding Celebration
Wedding Tips

4 Tips To Host An Intimate Wedding Celebration

Big weddings are not for everyone. Some couples prefer to celebrate their ceremony with just a handful of their family and friends. This allows them not to get swayed by the pomp and fanfare and focus on what the day is about. Another benefit of having a small wedding there are no massive costs and you do not have to worry about dealing with a big guest list. To help you with the planning we have put together 4 of our top tips on how you can plan an intimate wedding.

1. Write a Guest List

This is probably the hardest part of planning a small wedding. Deciding who to invite and who to leave off the guest list can be stressful. To make this part easier for you as a couple, you need to keep in mind what your motivations were for having a small wedding. This will help you not lose sight of what you want and ultimately you can pick a small number of people to attend your wedding. Anyone that is not close to you automatically gets excluded.

2. Allocate Your Resources Accordingly

The fun part of having a simple wedding celebration is that it allows you to have extra funds available. You can use this money on things that are important to you as a couple. If you have a shared hobby or particular interest, why not highlight this on the wedding day. For couples that love fine dining, this is a great opportunity to upgrade the meals that will be served on the day and give your guests quite a treat.

3. Consider a Destination Wedding

Do you have one place that you have always wanted to visit but have not yet had that chance? Why not have your wedding there? The great thing about having intimate weddings is that it allows you to have a destination wedding. This is because there aren’t a lot of guests and the few that you choose will be able to make the trip.

4. Choose the Right Venue

A lot of venues are only suited to large weddings. This will narrow down your options. You need to find a venue that will be perfect for a small gathering. At clarence house, we have beautiful wedding venues that would be perfect for small weddings. The picturesque views and lush gardens will make your wedding day magical.

To make sure that your wedding day is fun, here is a blog on the most hilarious questions for the wedding shoe game. We have more blogs to help you make your big day special for you to check out. Our clarence house team is on hand via telephone and other electronic means to help you with wedding preps. Get in touch with us today.

Wedding Day Essentials: Must Read Wedding Day Checklist
Wedding Tips

Wedding Day Essentials: Must Read Wedding Day Checklist

As you get closer to your big day, the excitement is palpable. A lot of the big decisions will have already been made and all the vendors will have been set for the day. The wedding day can be a whirlwind with many things happening. With family and friends involved as well as nerves and emotions, it can be hard to keep things well organized and on track. To help you with that we have put together a checklist that includes all the wedding day essentials for the bride and groom that you can use to make sure that all is in place for the day. To find out more, read on!

1. The Bride’s Checklist

Below is a list of wedding day essentials that a bride will need to have available or use on the day. Remember that a bride needs something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

  • A button-down shirt for when you are getting your make up done
  • Dress and veil as well as any shapewear and undergarments
  • Hairstyling, make up, and beauty tools
  • Deodorant as well as a toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Gifts for bridesmaids
  • A comfortable pair of flat shoes as well as the heels for the day
  • Accessories and jewelry for each outfit change
  • A beautiful hanger for photos of the wedding dress

2. The Groom’s Checklist

Below is a list of wedding essentials that a groom will need to have available or use on the day. In as much as people think that the wedding day is for the bride, a groom must also make sure that all his things are in place.

  • Wedding suit, shoes, tie, socks, and underwear
  • Lint roller, shoe polish kit
  • Shaving tools and hair styling products and tools
  • Deodorant, toothbrush, and toothpaste
  • Fragrance
  • Gifts for the groomsmen
  • The marriage certificate and wedding rings

3. A checklist for both the bride and the groom

Below is a list of essentials that both the bride and the groom will need on the day. Some of these you will need to delegate because you may not be able to get them for yourselves.

  • Fully charged cell phones as well as chargers in case you need to recharge
  • An itinerary for the wedding day so that you stick to the set timeline
  • Your wedding vows written down somewhere
  • Checks and cash for all the vendors that will need to be paid after the wedding
  • Some water to drink as well as snacks and juice

Are you looking for more wedding day advice? We have a number of blogs to help you make your big day special. Our Clarence House team is on hand via telephone and other electronic means to help you with wedding preps. Get in touch with us today.

Choose the Right Wedding Stylist for Your Wedding
Wedding Tips

How to Choose the Right Wedding Stylist for Your Big Day

Are you excited about planning your wedding and making sure that every detail is just perfect? Leaving anything to chance can ruin the day. A good wedding stylist will help you in each step of the way to make sure that on the day everything looks amazing and the day goes smoothly as you’ve always wanted. Choosing a wedding stylist requires enough time and special attention. To make this easier for you, we have compiled a list of handy tips that will help you choose the best wedding reception stylist for your wedding day. To find out more, read on!

1. Take a Look at Their Previous Work

When it comes to wedding stylists, the truth is in the pudding. You need to take a look at photos of all the previous work the wedding stylist you are considering hiring has done. This will help you visualize how they approach different clients and whether or not they will be able to give you exactly what you want.

2. Know What You Want

Having a solid idea of what you want and what you do not want when it comes to your décor will help you choose a wedding stylist. Different stylists specialize in different aesthetics when it comes to their designs. There is no point in hiring a stylist that specializes in rustic weddings when that is not what you want. This will cause clashes later on.

3. Set a Budget

Before you start shopping around for wedding stylists, you need to have a budget in mind. This will help you eliminate some stylists that may be out of budget for you. If you are set on a particular wedding stylist but they are out of your budget range, check and see if they offer any special discounts. This may make it possible for you to work with that particular wedding stylist for your big day.

4. Discuss Ideas in Person

When you have narrowed down your options and now you must choose between a few potential candidates, set up appointments with all of them. Meeting someone in person allows you to get a unique perspective on how they work. During these meetings, you will be able to gauge if you can be able to work well with them. If you see any red flags at this stage, move onto the next one.

Are you looking for a comprehensive last-minute guide that you can use during your wedding planning? Read our ultimate last-minute wedding checklist blog. We have a number of blogs to help you make your big day special. Our clarence house team is on hand via telephone and other electronic means to help you with wedding preps. Get in touch with us today.

bride and groom shoe game
Wedding News

The Most Hilarious Questions For The Wedding Shoe Game 2020

The wedding shoe game needs no introduction! It is played so often and is a great ice breaker at weddings for entertainment. For those that may not be familiar with it, the couple sits back to back holding their own shoe and one of their partner’s shoes. A question is asked pertaining to the couple and each of them responds by raising the shoe that corresponds to the answer they think is correct. This is a fun way to keep wedding guests entertained and also help them get to know more about the couple. For a list of the most hilarious questions that you can ask, read on!

Hilarious Shoe Game Questions for Couples

1. Who drives better?
2. Who always takes their phone to the bathroom?
3. Who cries a lot during movies?
4. Who is more messy?
5. Who likes to skip baths?
6. Who is more self-obsessed?
7. Who lies the most?
8. Who is never wrong?
9. Who is the better dancer?
10. Who cannot keep a secret?
11. Who snores the loudest?
12. Who is more likely to start a fight?
13. Who is a cry baby when they are sick?
14. Who cracks the lamest jokes?
15. Who is always hungry?
16. Who is moodier?
17. Who throws the biggest tantrums?
18. Who is always looking for food?
19. Who is better at planning surprises?
20. Who is the better singer?
21. Who is the better cook?
22. Who hogs the blankets when you are sleeping?
23. Who releases gas more often?
24. Who has a crazier family?
25. Who hogs the remote more?
26. Who likes to spend more money?
27. Who likes to work more?
28. Who is better at saving money?
29. Who is clumsier?
30. Who is more dramatic in public?
31. Who makes more grand gestures of affection?
32. Who gives the best gifts?
33. Who has the best kept hair?
34. Who is more likely to get lost when going somewhere new?
35. Who is more photogenic?
36. Who is better at assembling gadgets?
37. Who is more tech savvy?
38. Who has the cleaner car?
39. Who is better at doing house chores?
40. Who spends more time in the shower?
41. Who is always late for dates?
42. Who sleeps for longer?
43. Who is the clumsier of the two?
44. Who is better at sticking to diets?
45. Who gives better tips?
46. Who is more likely to leave dirty dishes unwashed?
47. Who struggles more with asking for directions?
48. Who is more likely to lose their wallet?
49. Who is pickier when it comes to food?
50. Who do you love most in the world?

Would you like to discuss more fun wedding games with a qualified wedding planner? Our clarence house team is on hand via telephone and other electronic means to help you with wedding preps. Get in touch with us today.

wedding surprise for groom
Wedding Tips

6 Romantic Ways to Surprise the Groom on Your Wedding Day

Do you want to give your hubby to be a sweet surprise on your wedding day? It does not need to be over the top or expensive, remember it’s the thought that counts. A wedding day is filled to fill with photos, dancing, cake and so many other activities that can make it hard to enjoy the moment as newlyweds. To make sure that your hubby to feel special on the day, we have compiled a list of our top 6 romantic ways to surprise him on the day. Read on!

1. Make Him a Memory Box

On the wedding morning, you can have someone close to him gift him with a box of memories that you two have shared. You can include photos, handwritten notes, and even a letter expressing how much he means to you. This will definitely make him feel special and give you yet another fond memory.

2. Give Him a Handwritten Journal

If writing prose is right up your alley why not use those creative juices to write a journal of a hundred times when you knew he was the one. You can keep track of every moment that reaffirmed your love for him and he will know just how much the wedding means to you.

3. Leave a Letter in His Pocket

It is common for couples to write love letters for each other and read it on the morning of your wedding day but you can make this a surprise. Leave an unexpected love letter in his suit jacket and get one of the groomsmen to ask him to check his pockets.

4. Make a Short Video for Him

You can use a collection of your favorite pictures together to make a short video for your future husband. If you want to take this a bit further you can visit a few places where you shared special moments and film some reasons why you love him in those locations.

5. Send Him a Love Note

As he is waiting for you to walk down the aisle, you can have the flower girl hand him a love note. This will probably be the most nerve-wracking moment of the day and getting an affirming letter of love from you will be something he can remember forever.

6. Surprise Him with a Dance Tribute

This is a fun way to get your wedding party involved in your wedding surprise. You can pull together a short dance to a meaningful song with your bridesmaids. This will be a big highlight of the day for him and he will never forget it.

Would you like to discuss any wedding plans with a qualified wedding planner? At Clarence House, our team is on hand via telephone and other electronic means to help you with wedding preps. Get in touch with us today.

Tips For The Groom On His Wedding Day
Wedding Tips

Top 10 Tips For The Groom On His Wedding Day

Alright, guys, you’ve gone past most of the wedding preparations and it is now close to the big day! You may feel like all the attention will be on your bride but remember you’re just as important as she is. This is why you must be prepared for what is ahead. To help you be in the right headspace for your big day, we have put together a list of our top tips for grooms. Read on!

1. Get Involved, Have an Opinion

This wedding is as much about you as it is about your bride. The only way you can make sure that your own personal aesthetic is reflected in the day is by getting involved in the planning. You do not have to be involved in the small things but it’s important to give your opinion in the big decisions, why not give your opinion.

2. Have Some ‘Me’ Time

Your wedding day will be spent with so many people, it is important that you get a moment of calm before all the festivities begin. You can slot in a few minutes in the morning for your alone time. Take the extra time to be alone and soak in the day and the major life change it will bring.

3. Smile and Smile Some More

You may end up feeling like you have a broken jaw because you will be required to smile a lot during the day. It isn’t much you can do about this as everyone will want to get a photo with you to commemorate the day. This is just a heads-up so that you are not surprised by it on the day.

4. Take Some Time to Eat

This is an essential piece of advice. You must eat whenever you get the chance to. The day is going to be so packed and you will be running around making sure you’re ready. To make this easier, you can speak with your best man beforehand so that he can keep you fed and hydrated during the day.

5. Follow the Plan

Wedding planning takes a long time. After all that planning, all you need to do is execute the plan. You absolutely need to stick to the game plan if you are to avoid any mishaps. Any last-minute ideas may seem like a good plan but don’t give in to that temptation. You do not want your bride to be surprised by any unplanned events.

Are you looking for more advice for newly-wed couples? We have a number of blogs to help you make your big day special. Our clarence house team is on hand via telephone and other electronic means to help you with wedding preps. Get in touch with us today.

last minute wedding planning checklist
Wedding Tips

The Ultimate Last Minute Wedding Checklist 2020

Getting to the ‘one week to go’ mark is as exciting as it is tense for a lot of brides. Months and years of planning will have gone into making sure that everything is in place for the wedding day. Even if you have thoroughly prepared for the day, the last-minute tasks cannot be avoided. To help you with these, we have compiled a checklist of the most common last-minute tasks. Read on!

1. Check the Weather Forecast

Do this daily for the last week or so to make sure that there are no weather surprises on your wedding day. And seek additional plans as a backup plan for example plan certain things indoor e.g. Your wedding photo location in-case if it rains.

2. Make Sure the Wedding Licence Is Correct

This is to make sure that you have peace of mind. Just double-check that all the details on it are correct while there is time to fix the errors. You can also start practising your vows prior to ensure that you have summarised them by heart so your nervous are controlled on your big day.

3. Finalise the Schedule with All the Vendors

Re-confirm details like the playlists, menus, shot lists. Your final schedule must have vendor delivery times, set up times and contact numbers. Finalise everything with your vendors prior to the wedding day so nothing will go wrong.

4. Finalise the Seating Plan

The bulk of this is probably done at this stage it’s a good idea and time to make sure that it’s finalised can be shared with the wedding planner, caterer and venue manager prior to the wedding day.

5. Collect the Dress and the Suit

When you are picking up the dress or the suit, have one final fitting so that you are sure that all the alterations have been done.

6. Confirm Honeymoon Plans and Finish Packing

If you are going on your honeymoon straight away, get all the details in order in good time. Check your flight schedules and weather forecast for your destination so that you can finish packing. Or have a plan of activities to do during your honeymoon so you will know exactly what outfits to pick.

7. Give the Place Cards to the Wedding Planner

They should be distributed on time. You can also hand over the guest book or cake knife at this point.

8. Confirm the Wedding Night Reservation

Confirm the reservation for the room you will be using to get dressed in on the day as well as the suite for the wedding day.

9. Get Your Manicure and Pedicure Done

Get this done about two days before the big day. To be extra careful, buy the same colour nail polish so that you can cover up any chipping that may occur.

10. Secure the Wedding Rings

This may seem unnecessary, but wedding rings have gone missing on the day. To make sure they do not get lost, hand them over to whoever will be responsible for them on the day.

Still, want to learn some more? Read our blog on the most common wedding fears and how to deal with them. Our clarence house team is on hand via telephone and other electronic means to help you with wedding preps. Get in touch with us today.

benefit of mid week wedding
Wedding News

4 Benefits of Mid-Week Wedding You Probably Don’t Know

Have you ever thought of having a midweek wedding? Are you thinking of having a mid-week wedding? There are many advantages of having a mid-week wedding which makes it enticing. You can save money, be able to get vendors that would have otherwise been unavailable, and have a more intimate wedding. Couples are becoming more budget conscious and vendors and venues now offer midweek wedding packages. Below are our top 5 benefits of having a midweek wedding.

1. You Can Reduce Your Wedding Budget

This is the biggest reason why couple consider to have their weddings during the week. Wedding venues have different prices for weekend and mid-week events. The reason behind it is due to the demand for wedding venues is less for weekdays. If you have a dream venue but you cannot afford a weekend date, consider having a midweek wedding it won’t just be a budget-friendly wedding but a unique and special event.

2. Your Wedding Guests Can Save as Well

If you are expecting guests from out of town, they will need to find accommodation. Hotels usually have lower rates for weekdays when compared to the weekend as rates increase on weekends. Traveling to your wedding may also be cheaper as they can book mid-week transport which is usually more affordable. If you will be providing accommodation for your out of town guests, take advantage of this and save yourself a pretty penny.

3. Wedding Vendors Will Be More Available

The wedding business is very competitive and top vendors are usually booked a year in advance. If you do not want to wait a long time for them to be available, consider having a midweek wedding. Weekend dates are always the busiest periods for wedding vendors. There are high chances that if you have a weekday wedding, your vendors will only be catering to you alone on that day and you can have their whole undivided attention.

4. Midweek Weddings Are More Intimate

Across the past couple of years couples, these days are moving away from the old traditions e.g. Having weekend weddings only and more couples are choosing to have more intimate weddings by having close family and friends around to spend their special instead of having guests that aren’t close to them. For such couples, midweek weddings are more suited to their needs and budgets. Wedding guests may be more than happy to take a couple of days off to attend the wedding. If you want your guests to have more time to celebrate, have your wedding on a Thursday so that they can get a couple more days to rest and relax.

Are you in love with the idea of getting married on the anniversary of when you met? This may not always fall on a weekend. Let this not stop you. Get married during the week. Now that you know all the reasons to have a weekday wedding, we have the perfect wedding venue in Sydney.

Our Clarence House team is on hand via telephone and other electronic means to help you with wedding preps. Get in touch with us today.

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5 must read advice for newlyweds couples
Wedding Tips

Top 5 Must-Read Advice for Newlywed Couples

They say that the first couple of years are the hardest for a lot of newlyweds. Even if a couple is deeply in love, arguments and disagreements will be encountered throughout the marriage. Instead of shrinking away from these, a strong couple should have the ability to resolve their conflicts all the time without letting things getting out of hands or allowing other family members. Below, we have put together some advice for the newly married. This great advice for newlyweds comes from seasoned married couples and experts in marriage counseling. Read on!

1. Create a ‘Couple Bubble’

A couple of bubbles is a relationship’s safety and security system. Think of a couple of bubbles as a cocoon that is created by shared values and a couple’s promises to each other. This cocoon protects the couple from any outside forces. Affirmations such as, ‘the marriage are more important than my need to win an argument’ and ‘i will always tell my spouse first if anything big happens in my life’ strengthen the couple bubble.

2. Communication Is Key

Respect is the keystone of effective communication in marriage. When you speak respectfully, tough issues can be discussed without provoking each other. This allows a couple to freely speak on any issue before it becomes big and, by so doing, avoid resenting each other. Cultivate an environment in your home where each of you can freely express your deepest fears and your wildest dreams. This simple advice for newlyweds is very effective.

3. Have Shared Interests

‘a couple that trains together stays together’, this may not apply to all couples but the idea behind it is important. Having shared experiences strengthens the couple’s bond. Look for novel and engaging activities that you can do together. It could be hiking, reading the same book, watching a tv show together, or joining a cooking class as a couple. Shared interests can also be used to make sure that your relationship never becomes monotonous.

4. Drop the Exes

Some people have that ex that they really connected to emotionally. Even when the relationship ended, they still managed to keep those emotional ties. For a married couple, such exes can cause trouble. If you have an ex that you feel more connected to even when your spouse is there, it is a good idea to remove them from your life. Keeping them around can bring about jealousy and suspicion. Let bygones be bygones.

5. Prioritize ‘Me’ Time

It is important to spend quality time together as a couple, but alone time is just as important. Being able to be comfortable alone and be happy allows you to bring that happiness to your spouse. A couple should be able to have time that they spend apart without feeling like they are threatening their relationship. Time apart also allows you to miss your spouse and as we all know, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’.

Are you planning a wedding in Sydney? Clarence House has the most beautiful venues for you to choose from. Our team at clarence house can be contacted via telephone and other electronic means to help you with wedding preps. Get in touch with us today.

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Most Common Wedding Fears
Wedding Tips

The Most Common Wedding Fears And How To Deal With Them

Pre-wedding fear is something that all couples have to deal with while preparing for the biggest and most important day of your life. Read on to find out how you can put some of the most common wedding fears to rest.

Wedding angst is real and out of control at times. A study showed that 96% of newly engaged couples freak out when thinking about their wedding day and all the details and involvements that come part of wedding planning. There is so much to plan for and a million things that can go wrong. This can make you lose sleep, stress both financially and mentally but make sure you won’t take the fun out of what is supposed to be the most magical day of your lives. Below is a list of the top 5 things that couples worry about and how you can deal with them.

1. Rain on Your Wedding Day

It is widely believed that rain on your wedding day it’s known to be considered as good luck but it can also ruin the day. This is why a lot of couples worry about what the weather will be like and will constantly check their forecasts. There’s little that can be done to control the weather, but you can be prepared for any eventuality. Have a back-up plan for rain, wind, cold temperatures, and whatever else that Mother Nature brings your way.

2. No Guests on the Day

After spending a lot of resources to make sure that the wedding goes off without a hitch, a common wedding fear is that no one will show up now that’s every couple’s worse nightmare. You must remember that your wedding guest list has your close friends and family that will do anything to support you. To be extra sure, send your save-the-dates early and call up those that delay to RSVP to make sure that they will attend.

3. A Bad Hair Day

All eyes are on the bride on the wedding day. This puts pressure on brides to look picture perfect the whole day. A lot of brides fear is that they will have a bad hair day or their make-up will be anything less than flawless. To make sure that this does not happen, schedule a bridal trial run of your hair and make up a few weeks before your big day. Feel free to make any changes in advance so that you have no stress on the day.

4. Stuttering During the Vows

Speaking in front of a crowd is not everyone’s cup of tea. Many people find it intimidating. To ease the fear of public speaking, practice reciting your vows beforehand. You can get help from your close friends and family. Recite in front of them until your vows flow easily. Remember that even if you end up making a mistake on the day, it will not be the end of the world. Laugh it off and continue saying your vows.

Do you have more wedding worries that you want to discuss with a professional? Our Clarence House team is on hand via telephone and other electronic means to help you with wedding preps. Get in touch with us today.

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Wedding Backdrop Ideas for the Ceremony
Wedding Tips

6 Amazing Wedding Backdrop Ideas for the Ceremony

Every bride wants a beautiful wedding ceremony backdrops for their big day not only to capture beautiful photos but a day to remember how special and beautiful your big day was.

During the special moment of saying “I Do” and with a beautiful ceremony backdrop is the most photographed time of your special day and that is your wedding day. It helps to set the tone and aesthetic of the whole day. We have put together a comprehensive list of wedding ceremony backdrop ideas for you to choose from. Whether you want to highlight your venue or create your own scenery, there’s something for everyone. Read on!

1. Highlight the Venue

Couples tend to spend a considerable amount of time researching and choosing the right wedding venue. If you have chosen one that has breathtaking views then speak to your wedding coordinator and consider using that as your backdrop place also simple beautiful coloured flowers to brighten the breathtaking views so that will leave your guests speechless and will consider doing the same ceremony backdrop ideas as yours.

2. Relaxed and Rustic

Rustic setups have a particular charm that cannot be replicated. This can be personalised and each couple can fully express who they are. You can go all-natural with your rustic setup and have trailing greenery hanging from a free-standing wall. For a simple wedding backdrop, use a wood shipping pallet and hang flowers on it.

3. Highlight One Colour

For a more elegant and cohesive look, use a colour scheme or keep it all-white backdrop. White draping and all-white elements such as white columns can make your wedding backdrop look regal and grand. Look for other wedding ceremony backdrop ideas with colour schemes that highlight one colour.

4. Some Mixed Elements

Different textures and materials can make your wedding ceremony really stand out. You can use a textured drop cloth backdrop to make it more visually stimulating. Vines and other greenery can add another aesthetic to the finished look. At the bottom, fuzzy pillows, candles and flowers will round out the mixed elements look for you.

5. High or Low

When it comes to wedding backdrop floral installations, you can go high or low. A low floral installation is perfect if you want to show off your wedding ceremony’s striking location. On the other end of the spectrum, you can have a higher than normal chuppah or flower arch which will make it more striking and look amazing in wedding photos.

6. Be Opulent

If you are a couple that loves the glitz and glam, be opulent with your wedding backdrop. There are many ideas you can use to make it lavish, beautiful and breathtaking. Consider having a fall of crystals for extra sparkle and bling perhaps. Unusual materials such as a brass ceremony arch can be used to give a different look to the ceremony.

Would you like to discuss wedding ceremony backdrop ideas with a qualified wedding planner? Our clarence house team is on hand via telephone and other electronic means to help you with wedding preps. Get in touch with us today.

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