How to Pamper Yourself the Morning of your Wedding

How to Pamper Yourself the Morning of your Wedding

Are you wondering what to do in the morning leading up to your wedding ceremony?

The whole process of getting ready on the morning of your wedding can be quite stressful. With all the preparations and excitement for the day, it’s easy to wake up feeling overwhelmed on your wedding day. Here are some tips on how to pamper yourself on the morning of your wedding.

1. Forget all the rush

Instead of rushing around picking up all the items you need for your wedding day, why not have it all organized for you. A wedding event planning team can provide you with everything you need to make sure you start your wedding day right. It is best to leave everything to the wedding experts to make sure you have all the items you need for each stage of getting ready.

2. Pamper yourself

Soak yourself in a warm bath with enriching bath salts or oils and flower petals if you wish. You can light some candles, play some chilled music and allow your mind to get ready for the day. Treat yourself to some luxury bridal pajamas, matching robe and gorgeous slippers that make you feel wonderful. This is a great pre-wedding bridal look that will not only make you feel fabulous, but you won’t be worried about having your photograph taken in some scruffy pajamas.

3. Layout your dress and accessories

Have your dress hanging up and all your shoes, accessories and garter laid out. Let the photographer take all these important detailed shots without disturbing you. This makes everything ready for you to slip into when your hair and makeup are complete.

4. Treat yourself to a healthy breakfast

A calming infused tea and hearty, healthy breakfast, brought to you in bed are important to get you through the day. That extra indulgence is the ideal way to start the day. A breakfast bowl layered with fresh fruit, natural yogurt and granola will provide that much-needed boost to your energy levels for the day ahead. If you are staying at your wedding venue or a hotel, order your breakfast for room service delivery the night before.

5. Select calming scents

Consider your favorite scent as a room diffuser, natural oil or candle, so that as you get ready, a lovely aroma fills the space. After the big day, that scent will always take you back to that morning.

6. A calming inner circle

Surround yourself with only the people you want on the morning of your wedding. These could be your mum, your bridal party, or your other half as well as hairstylists, make-up artists, the photographer, videographer or wedding planner. Each of these must ensure you have a seamless and memorable day.

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