The Benefits of a Wedding Day Coordinator

wedding day coordinator

There is nothing like wedding planning—the fateful journey full of dreams and decisions, peppered with a touch of stress here and there. You however, should not have to worry about all the details on the day itself. That’s where a wedding day coordinator comes in. 

Why You Need a Coordinator

1. Stress-Free Day

The best part about a wedding day coordinator would definitely be the fact that you get to relieve stress. You avoid stressing about timelines, coordination of vendors, or any last-minute troubles. You relax and enjoy each moment, and everything else is left to be handled by that coordinator.

2. Expert Problem Solving

There are those untimely unexpected issues that may arise at the very last minute, but a practiced wedding day coordinator has the solution at their fingertips. Whether it’s a missing bouquet, a vendor who might be late, or a wardrobe malfunction, the coordinator has the experience and resources to deal with and curtail problems, often without you ever realizing there was an issue.

3.  Time Management

A wedding day runs on timing, from the ceremony right through to the reception. A coordinator keeps everything from the preparations of the whole bridal party to the first dance right on the schedule in terms of time. They are the ones who remind everybody what they need to do, where they have to be in order not to be late, so the whole thing keeps moving.

5. Vendor Liaison

It is very overwhelming to handle many vendors. On your wedding day, there is a coordinator behind you speaking to the florists, caterers, photographers, and any of the other vendors. That way, everyone knows what is going on, and any question or problem is taken care of immediately.

6. Attention to Detail

There are too many details with so much going on; it’s easy to let the small things slip through the cracks. A wedding day coordinator will notice: the placement of the centerpiece and to timing of speeches. And, with detailed planning, they’ll get it right: nothing forgotten, and everything is exactly as you had envisioned it.

7. Emergency Kit

Coordinators very often bring along an emergency toiletry package of such things as safety pins, sewing kits, pain tablets, stain removers, and about a dozen or so other things to make sure minor emergencies can be resolved quickly with a minimum of stress.

8. Guest Assistance

A coordinator will also facilitate your guests by answering all their questions, providing them with directions, and, in general, directing them for everything and anything to make sure they feel comfortable and taken care of. The extra layer of support ensures the guests will feel valued and appreciated, hence making it an overall positive experience at your wedding.

9. Personal Touches

Coordinators make sure all those small personal touches you thought of are carried off perfectly. Be it setting out a memory table, getting special favors in place, or getting specific music played at a special moment, they help your vision be brought to life with precision.