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Are you in the hunt for a wedding venue for your upcoming nuptials?

The wedding venue is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of the wedding to get right. The right wedding venue allows everything else to fall into place seamlessly.  Themes, catering, flowers, and décor can all be sorted out once you’ve got the venue secured. However, how much does a wedding reception venue cost anyway?

Wedding Reception Venue Cost

How much does the average wedding venue cost?

In a recent survey, it was discovered that the national average for a wedding venue was $14,512. This is a 10% increase in what couples used to pay in 2018.  So, how much does the average wedding venue cost around the country? If we were to compare wedding venue prices across the different states, we’d find that:

  • In Victoria, hiring a wedding venue will cost you on average $15, 580.
  • In New South Wales, a wedding venue will set you back $15, 503.
  • In South Australia, you can expect to part with $14, 936.
  • In Western Australia, you can kiss $14, 076 goodbyes for your wedding venue.
  • In Queensland, $10,472 will get you the wedding venue of your dreams.
  • In Tasmania, $10,200 secures you the venue you’ve always wanted.
  • In the Australian Capital Territory, $10,000 is all you need to hire a wedding venue.

How much is a wedding venue in Sydney?

As a fact, New South Wales has some of the best weather in the country, and also some of the top locations for destination weddings. So it comes as no surprise that many Australian couples opt to get married in this sunny state.

While it might seem like the ideal destination, it should be noted that getting married here will cost you a pretty penny. We can hear you asking, “Well mate, how much is the average wedding venue in Sydney then?” To be safe, be prepared to part with at least $15,503, and this is for a guest list with 97 invitees.

However, once you’re over how much you’ll have to pay for the venue, you’ll discover some of the most stunning wedding venues in the country. One such wedding venue worth mentioning is Clarence House, located right in the heart of Sydney.

Clarence House: A wedding venue in a class of its own

How Much do Wedding Reception Venue Cost

Clarence House is a family-owned, highly-sought-after wedding venue in Sydney that boasts two state-of-the-art wedding reception venues. It’s one of those venues that you see and fall in love with at once. This is because of the contrast between the two reception venues. The Lemnos plays on the contemporary side of things and resonates with many young couples, while the prestigious The Victorian appeals to the traditional side of many couples.  It’s a place where you’re guaranteed to have a hassle-free ceremony.

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