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how much should you spend on a wedding venue

How much should you spend on a wedding venue?

In a recent study on weddings carried out by, 4,100 couples in Australia were asked how much they were willing to spend for their entire wedding. The initial figure came to $22, 055. However, considering that the national average cost for a wedding venue is $14, 512, a lot of couples discovered that their initial amount didn’t leave a lot of room for much else. Thus, they increased the amount they were willing to shell out for their wedding to $32, 333.

How much are you prepared to spend on your venue?

How much should you spend on a wedding venue? This is one of the key questions you and your significant other have to sit down and talk about. Depending on which state you live in, this could be anywhere from $10,000 to $15, 580.

how much to spend on wedding venues

To get an idea about the cost of wedding reception venue according to the different Australian states, here are a few figures for you:

  • In Victoria, the average wedding venue costs $15, 580.
  • In New South Wales expect to pay $15, 503 for your wedding venue.
  • In South Australia $14, 936 is right around the state average for a wedding venue.
  • In Western Australia $14, 076 will allow you to hire a decent wedding venue.
  • In Queensland, $10,472 should do the trick and secure you a neat venue.
  • In Tasmania, $10,200 is all you need to say your ‘I Dos’ in a sweet venue.
  • In the Australian Capital Territory, $10,000 is the base price for a wedding venue.

As you can see, how much to spend on a wedding venue will depend to a greater extent on which state you wish to have your wedding in.

How to pick a wedding venue on a budget?

how much to spend on wedding venue

If you’re working within a budget, but still want a gorgeous wedding venue there are ways around it. Knowing the following tips on how to pick a wedding venue on a budget will save you a few dollars. Here are our top five tips:

  1. Talk to one of our friendly wedding planners.
  2. Know how many people you want at your wedding.
  3. Take advantage of offers and promotions offered by wedding venues in Sydney.
  4. Plan ahead and book your venue early.
  5. Re-think your décor e.g. flower quantity, and cut out extras such as wedding hire and Bomboniere

Need someone to talk to?

If you think you’re being taken for a ride or being charged too much for a venue and need a reference point or someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to call one of our trusted Clarence House agents. Our numbers are (02) 9750 3555, or (02) 9789 1662.