The Ultimate Last Minute Wedding Checklist 2020

Ultimate last minute wedding checklist for luxury wedding venues sydney

Getting to the ‘one week to go’ mark is as exciting as it is tense for a lot of brides. Months and years of planning will have gone into making sure that everything is in place for the wedding day. Even if you have thoroughly prepared for the day, the last-minute tasks cannot be avoided. To help you with these, we have compiled a checklist of the most common last-minute tasks. Read on!

1. Check the Weather Forecast

Do this daily for the last week or so to make sure that there are no weather surprises on your wedding day. And seek additional plans as a backup plan for example plan certain things indoor e.g. Your wedding photo location in-case if it rains.

2. Make Sure the Wedding Licence Is Correct

This is to make sure that you have peace of mind. Just double-check that all the details on it are correct while there is time to fix the errors. You can also start practising your vows prior to ensure that you have summarised them by heart so your nervous are controlled on your big day.

3. Finalise the Schedule with All the Vendors

Re-confirm details like the playlists, menus, shot lists. Your final schedule must have vendor delivery times, set up times and contact numbers. Finalise everything with your vendors prior to the wedding day so nothing will go wrong.

4. Finalise the Seating Plan

The bulk of this is probably done at this stage it’s a good idea and time to make sure that it’s finalised can be shared with the wedding planner, caterer and venue manager prior to the wedding day.

5. Collect the Dress and the Suit

When you are picking up the dress or the suit, have one final fitting so that you are sure that all the alterations have been done.

6. Confirm Honeymoon Plans and Finish Packing

If you are going on your honeymoon straight away, get all the details in order in good time. Check your flight schedules and weather forecast for your destination so that you can finish packing. Or have a plan of activities to do during your honeymoon so you will know exactly what outfits to pick.

7. Give the Place Cards to the Wedding Planner

They should be distributed on time. You can also hand over the guest book or cake knife at this point.

8. Confirm the Wedding Night Reservation

Confirm the reservation for the room you will be using to get dressed in on the day as well as the suite for the wedding day.

9. Get Your Manicure and Pedicure Done

Get this done about two days before the big day. To be extra careful, buy the same colour nail polish so that you can cover up any chipping that may occur.

10. Secure the Wedding Rings

This may seem unnecessary, but wedding rings have gone missing on the day. To make sure they do not get lost, hand them over to whoever will be responsible for them on the day.

Still, want to learn some more? Read our blog on the most common wedding fears and how to deal with them. Our clarence house team is on hand via telephone and other electronic means to help you with wedding preps. Get in touch with us today.