4 Benefits of Mid-Week Wedding You Probably Don’t Know

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Have you ever thought of having a midweek wedding? Are you thinking of having a mid-week wedding? There are many advantages of having a mid-week wedding which makes it enticing. You can save money, be able to get vendors that would have otherwise been unavailable, and have a more intimate wedding. Couples are becoming more budget conscious and vendors and venues now offer midweek wedding packages. Below are our top 5 benefits of having a midweek wedding.

1. You Can Reduce Your Wedding Budget

This is the biggest reason why couple consider to have their weddings during the week. Wedding venues have different prices for weekend and mid-week events. The reason behind it is due to the demand for wedding venues is less for weekdays. If you have a dream venue but you cannot afford a weekend date, consider having a midweek wedding it won’t just be a budget-friendly wedding but a unique and special event.

2. Your Wedding Guests Can Save as Well

If you are expecting guests from out of town, they will need to find accommodation. Hotels usually have lower rates for weekdays when compared to the weekend as rates increase on weekends. Traveling to your wedding may also be cheaper as they can book mid-week transport which is usually more affordable. If you will be providing accommodation for your out of town guests, take advantage of this and save yourself a pretty penny.

3. Wedding Vendors Will Be More Available

The wedding business is very competitive and top vendors are usually booked a year in advance. If you do not want to wait a long time for them to be available, consider having a midweek wedding. Weekend dates are always the busiest periods for wedding vendors. There are high chances that if you have a weekday wedding, your vendors will only be catering to you alone on that day and you can have their whole undivided attention.

4. Midweek Weddings Are More Intimate

Across the past couple of years couples, these days are moving away from the old traditions e.g. Having weekend weddings only and more couples are choosing to have more intimate weddings by having close family and friends around to spend their special instead of having guests that aren’t close to them. For such couples, midweek weddings are more suited to their needs and budgets. Wedding guests may be more than happy to take a couple of days off to attend the wedding. If you want your guests to have more time to celebrate, have your wedding on a Thursday so that they can get a couple more days to rest and relax.

Are you in love with the idea of getting married on the anniversary of when you met? This may not always fall on a weekend. Let this not stop you. Get married during the week. Now that you know all the reasons to have a weekday wedding, we have the perfect wedding venue in Sydney.

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