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why are wedding venues so expensive
Wedding Venues

Why Are Wedding Venues So Expensive – Clarence House

Many soon-to-be-married couples always start the wedding planning journey with so much excitement and enthusiasm. However, for many that excitement often turns into gasps of horror at the sheer expense of things. Yes, weddings are an expensive affair and one that cost the average Australian couple at least $32,000. This is particularly true of the wedding venue which usually takes up at least half of your wedding budget. So why are wedding venues so expensive anyway?

You’re paying for an experience

You might not want to believe this, but yes, your wedding is the perfect commercial payoff. Who doesn’t love a wedding? Wedding venues charge you for exactly that. Being able to give you a nice place to celebrate this milestone in your life with all your loved ones in attendance. They are charging you for the intrinsic things you haven’t even thought of. In essence, you’re paying for experience – but a really good one.

expensive wedding venues

You’re paying for venue overheads

You might not like the idea, but when you hire a wedding venue, you’re helping to pay for the venue’s overhead costs. Yes, we’re talking venue insurance, taxes, staff, utilities like water and electricity, and oh, wedding venues have to think of maintenance issues as well. So they do charge you quite handsomely in order to be able to keep the place in tip-top shape for excited couples about to get married like yourself.

You’re paying for service staff and set up equipment

If your venue offers catering and staff, then this will definitely be factored into the final price of the wedding hire fee you’ll get charged. Many people think that they can simply throw a backyard wedding and it’ll be ‘cheaper’. What they fail to realize is that you’re going to end up spending more or less the same (but putting in a whole lot more work) because – and this is at the top of our heads, you’ll have to hire a tent, bathroom trailer, chairs, dance floor, crockery, linens, lighting, microphone, and speakers, sort out insurance for your parent’s house, tent decorations and flowers.

Why Are Wedding Venues So Expensive - Clarence House

The venue has to make a profit

So when all is said and done, after the venue has paid for insurance, building upkeep, cost of water and electricity, in some cases heating, and their staff, the venue also has to make a profit. So you see, when hiring a venue you have to look at the bigger picture. You aren’t just paying for a site fee; your wedding is a community affair.

You Should Pay for an Expensive Wedding Venue?

We need you to understand that expensive doesn’t mean quality. A venue might be expensive but have nothing to show for it. Look for wedding venues of repute, that offer you promotions and discounts, a venue that’s committed to excellence and making sure your wedding is everything and more than you dreamt it to be. Clarence House is one such venue that is in a league of its own when it comes to offering unmatched wedding reception venues. To talk to one of our trusted wedding agents call us today on (02) 9750 3555, or (02) 9789 1662.

What to Look for in a Wedding Venue - Clarence House
Wedding Venues

What to Look for in a Wedding Venue – Clarence House

Recently engaged and need to know what to look for in a wedding venue? You’re in the right place.

The wedding venue is arguably one of the most important aspects of your big day. A great wedding reception venue equals great wedding shots and happy, content guests. The right wedding venue will be a source of eternal joy as you flip through your wedding album. So what do you need to look out for in order to find that exceptional wedding venue?

1. Enough Room

Planning on inviting grandma and her entire retirement home mates to your wedding? Well, you’re going to need plenty of room. On a more serious note, if you’re planning on inviting your family, friends, workmates, church-mates and half the town, you’ll need a great wedding venue with enough room to not only fit everyone but fit in all the needed chairs, tables, and associated wedding hire.

Things to Look for in a Wedding Venue

2. Privacy and Security

This is a big one. You don’t want any uninvited guests popping up to your reception. With the average cost per head for your guests being $150 per person, five or six extra people can really set you way off-budget. As you tour your potential venue, inquire about their privacy policy. How do they screen guests who are coming in? This is also definitely something to think about if you’re planning on choosing a hotel as your wedding venue, where there might be a simultaneous event happening just down the hall.

3. Stunning Backdrop

There’s nothing like a destination wedding if you can afford it. But even if you can’t it doesn’t stop you from finding a local venue that boasts amazing scenery. We’re talking sea views, rolling plains and mountain ranges. Even if you can’t score such a fine location, ensure that the wedding reception hall you do opt for is well maintained and has something interesting for your guests to admire, be it artwork, architecture or even just your décor!

What to Look for in a Wedding Venue

4. Lighting

This cannot be emphasized enough. Lighting will literally make or break your day. Photos require good lighting, so if you want to have great souvenirs to remember your wedding by, remember to take a good look at the lighting options provided by the venue. A great way to confirm if the lighting will be right is to visit your desired venue around the same time you hope to have your wedding. You don’t want any surprises on your big day after all.

5. Sufficient and Safe Room for Parking

You don’t want guests to constantly be running out to check if their cars are still safe to do you? If not, make sure the venue you opt for has a safe parking solution for your guests. The best would be to find a venue that has its own parking lot and parking is offered as a part of the wedding venue package.

Consult an Expert Today

You don’t have to figure things out alone. Clarence House is a family-owned business that offers you state-of-the-art wedding reception venues. Talk to one of our trusted experts for a hassle-free explanation on how to choose wedding venues today.

How to Save Money on a Wedding Venue – Clarence House
Wedding Tips, Wedding Venues

How to Save Money on a Wedding Venue – Clarence House

It’s no secret that weddings can be expensive, especially the wedding venue which can cost as much as $15, 503 in New South Wales. Torn between their dream wedding venue and reality, a lot of couples often have to make very difficult decisions on where to make the cuts in order to keep their wedding within a reasonable price range. Here are our top five tips on how to save money on your wedding venue.

1. Consider a midweek affair

The traditional day for most weddings is Saturday. However, you can imagine just how many people want the Saturday you want! With that being said, we’re going to propose going for a midweek service instead. Yes, it might be difficult for some of your guests to squeeze a Tuesday from work to make it to your wedding, but it will certainly be worth it on your end.

save money on a wedding venue

2. Winter wedding anyone?

Spring, summer, fall. Ideal wedding seasons aren’t they? No one is really keen on a winter wedding however this might prove a favorable time for you and your budget. If you think about it, a winter wedding if well planned can end up being just as gorgeous as any spring or summer event.

3. Reduce the number of guests

If you’re planning on tying the knot anywhere in Aussie, just remember that the average cost per head for your guests is $150. Perhaps you don’t need to invite all your classmates from high school, I mean who remembers them all right? Close family and friends sound just about right.

4. Seek all-inclusive wedding venues

All-inclusive wedding reception venues in Sydney such as Clarence House really do give couples a break. Consider it this way. An all-inclusive venue has in-house catering, DJs, parking, service staff, and décor. All-inclusive venues also often come with a professional wedding planner who is able to take the pressure off of you so you can focus on other wedding-related issues such as getting the right dress and photographer.

How to Save Money on a Wedding Venue

Sign up for a free consultation

If you want to know more about how to save money on a wedding venue don’t hesitate to sign up for a free consultation with our trusted wedding planners today. You can also book an appointment to view our beautiful wedding venue by calling (02) 9750 3555, or (02) 9789 1662.

How to Choose the Right Wedding Venue in Sydney- Clarence House
Wedding Tips, Wedding Venues

How to Choose the Right Wedding Venue in Sydney- Clarence House

Finding the right wedding venue didn’t seem like it was going to be so difficult right? You knew how many people you were invited, you had your clear-cut budget set out, and you even had your theme and colors chosen. Then you started the wedding reception venue touring and things didn’t seem to add up anymore. Hidden service fees and unexpected costs started cropping up. Suddenly you were way over your initial budget. Feeling overwhelmed with the search already? Don’t worry; we’re ready to show you how to choose the right wedding venue in Sydney.

What to consider when choosing a wedding venue

Here’s what you need to know about wedding venue operators. They’ll try to upsell you things that you had never considered. Here at Clarence House, we pride ourselves on being upfront and honest with our clientele. No hidden service fees or charges here. Here are the top three things we advise you to consider when choosing a wedding venue.

how to choose the right wedding venue

Your budget

How much have you set aside for your wedding venue? Are you prepared to add a little more if you find the venue you feel is right for you? What can you cross-out from your wedding planning list in order to get your dream venue?

Where do you want to get married?

This might appear like a no-brainer but trust us, this is important. The state in which you choose to get married is important as this can play a really big role in the cost of your venue. The state in 2019, with the lowest average wedding venue price tag, is the Australian Capital Territory, where $10,000 can get you a pretty neat reception venue. While the most expensive state to say your ‘I Do’s’ in Victoria, where the average wedding venue will set you back at least $15, 580.

Ask as many questions as you can

Ask things such as:

  • Is in-house catering included in the hire fee of the venue?
  • Is there an in-house DJ?
  • Will the venue do the décor or do you have to bring in your own team?
  • Does the venue have a cancellation policy?
  • Do you have to pay for guest parking? How much is it per car?

How to choose between two wedding venues

choose the right wedding venue in Sydney

Let’s say you’ve narrowed down your options and have two venues that you need to choose between. How do you go about choosing between these two venues?

  • Opt for the venue that’s closest to your ideal wedding venue budget range.
  • Choose the venue that allows you to invite all the guests that are on your list.
  • Select the venue that offers promotions and discounts.
  • Settle for the venue that has in-house options to make your planning easier.

If you would like to learn more about how to pick a wedding venue, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our trusted wedding agents who are more than willing to share with you some great advice. Our contact numbers are (02) 9750 3555, or (02) 9789 1662. We’ve had hundreds of couples call us over the years wanting to know how to choose a wedding venue, so we have the experience to help you through this hurdle. You’re not alone.

how to search for wedding venues
Wedding Tips, Wedding Venues

How to Search for Wedding Venues in Sydney – Clarence House

Are you looking for that dream-come-true wedding venue?

Wedding planning is a job in and of itself. That is why there are people paid to do this job. Now that you have your wedding coming up, you might have realized that planning the event isn’t as simple as people make it out to be. Firstly you have to find the venue, tour it, and then book it. Speaking of venues, we know how difficult it is to find the right one. That’s why we’ve put this article together to help you know how to search for wedding venues in Sydney.

How to find a wedding venue

With all the latest technology around us, finding a wedding venue has probably never been this easy, and yet still so difficult because of the multitude of new and upcoming places. So where do you start?

wedding venue search

Create a list of venues to visit

In today’s modern world, you can start your search for wedding venues online. Create a list of the wedding venues in your locale, narrow the list down based on your budget, call them up to set appointments and go touring.

Ask for references from friends and family

If you have people who’ve recently gotten married within your circle of friends then they might probably be the best people to ask for references. This is because they’ve already gone through what you’re going through right now. This is especially true if you’re looking for a venue on a budget. Just sit down with a couple of them and ask them how to find a low-cost wedding reception venue and the steps they took to find their dream reception venue.

how to search for a wedding venue

Talk to wedding planners and photographers in your area

Wedding planners in your area will be able to give you a more expert idea of the available venues. If they have a blog, it would be a good idea to browse through their blog to also get a feel of the past weddings they’ve hosted and or photographed. You’ll also get a chance to see what your preferred venue will look like in photos. Another plus to going this route is that you’ll be able to see what the wedding venue actually looks like in unstaged photos.

Do you need someone to chat to?

If you’re still unsure about how to find a wedding venue in Sydney and would feel much better talking to someone, why not get in touch with our team of friendly Clarence House wedding planners. In fact, why not go ahead and book a non-binding free-of-charge tour of Clarence House? We’re certain that after you’ve spoken to one of our trusted agents you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for and how to look for wedding venues.

how much should you spend on a wedding venue sydney clarence house
Wedding Venues

How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding Venue – Clarence House

How much should you spend on a wedding venue?

In a recent study on weddings carried out by EasyWeddings.com, 4,100 couples in Australia were asked how much they were willing to spend for their entire wedding. The initial figure came to $22, 055. However, considering that the national average cost for a wedding venue is $14, 512, a lot of couples discovered that their initial amount didn’t leave a lot of room for much else. Thus, they increased the amount they were willing to shell out for their wedding to $32, 333.

How much are you prepared to spend on your venue?

How much should you spend on a wedding venue? This is one of the key questions you and your significant other have to sit down and talk about. Depending on which state you live in, this could be anywhere from $10,000 to $15, 580.

how much to spend on wedding venues

To get an idea about the cost of wedding reception venue according to the different Australian states, here are a few figures for you:

  • In Victoria, the average wedding venue costs $15, 580.
  • In New South Wales expect to pay $15, 503 for your wedding venue.
  • In South Australia $14, 936 is right around the state average for a wedding venue.
  • In Western Australia $14, 076 will allow you to hire a decent wedding venue.
  • In Queensland, $10,472 should do the trick and secure you a neat venue.
  • In Tasmania, $10,200 is all you need to say your ‘I Dos’ in a sweet venue.
  • In the Australian Capital Territory, $10,000 is the base price for a wedding venue.

As you can see, how much to spend on a wedding venue will depend to a greater extent on which state you wish to have your wedding in.

How to pick a wedding venue on a budget?

how much to spend on wedding venue

If you’re working within a budget, but still want a gorgeous wedding venue there are ways around it. Knowing the following tips on how to pick a wedding reception venue on a budget will save you a few dollars. Here are our top five tips:

  1. Talk to one of our friendly wedding planners.
  2. Know how many people you want at your wedding.
  3. Take advantage of offers and promotions offered by wedding venues in Sydney.
  4. Plan ahead and book your venue early.
  5. Re-think your décor e.g. flower quantity, and cut out extras such as wedding hire and Bomboniere

Need someone to talk to?

If you think you’re being taken for a ride or being charged too much for a venue and need a reference point or someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to call one of our trusted Clarence House agents. Our numbers are (02) 9750 3555, or (02) 9789 1662.

How Much Do Wedding Venues Cost Clarence House
Wedding Venues

How Much do Wedding Reception Venue Cost – Clarence House

Are you in the hunt for a wedding venue for your upcoming nuptials?

The wedding venue is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of the wedding to get right. The right wedding venue allows everything else to fall into place seamlessly.  Themes, catering, flowers, and décor can all be sorted out once you’ve got the venue secured. However, how much does a wedding reception venue cost anyway?

Wedding Reception Venue Cost

How much does the average wedding venue cost?

In a recent survey, it was discovered that the national average for a wedding venue was $14,512. This is a 10% increase in what couples used to pay in 2018.  So, how much does the average wedding venue cost around the country? If we were to compare wedding venue prices across the different states, we’d find that:

  • In Victoria, hiring a wedding venue will cost you on average $15, 580.
  • In New South Wales, a wedding venue will set you back $15, 503.
  • In South Australia, you can expect to part with $14, 936.
  • In Western Australia, you can kiss $14, 076 goodbyes for your wedding venue.
  • In Queensland, $10,472 will get you the wedding venue of your dreams.
  • In Tasmania, $10,200 secures you the venue you’ve always wanted.
  • In the Australian Capital Territory, $10,000 is all you need to hire a wedding venue.

How much is a wedding venue in Sydney?

As a fact, New South Wales has some of the best weather in the country, and also some of the top locations for destination weddings. So it comes as no surprise that many Australian couples opt to get married in this sunny state.

While it might seem like the ideal destination, it should be noted that getting married here will cost you a pretty penny. We can hear you asking, “Well mate, how much is the average wedding venue in Sydney then?” To be safe, be prepared to part with at least $15,503, and this is for a guest list with 97 invitees.

However, once you’re over how much you’ll have to pay for the venue, you’ll discover some of the most stunning wedding venues in the country. One such wedding venue worth mentioning is Clarence House, located right in the heart of Sydney.

Clarence House: A wedding venue in a class of its own

How Much do Wedding Reception Venue Cost

Clarence House is a family-owned, highly-sought-after wedding venue in Sydney that boasts two state-of-the-art wedding reception venues. It’s one of those venues that you see and fall in love with at once. This is because of the contrast between the two reception venues. The Lemnos plays on the contemporary side of things and resonates with many young couples, while the prestigious The Victorian appeals to the traditional side of many couples.  It’s a place where you’re guaranteed to have a hassle-free ceremony.

Compare Clarence House Prices: Get in Touch Today

If you want to know how much do wedding reception venue cost at Clarence House, all you have to do is ask. Clarence House’s friendly trusted staff can be reached at either of these email addresses: admin@clarencehouse.com.au or admin@thelemnos.com.

Sign Up for a Free Tour of Our Clarence House Wedding Reception Venue
Wedding Venues

Sign Up for a Free Tour of our Clarence House Wedding Reception Venue

Did you know that there are an estimated 116,000 weddings that take place in the country every year? That’s a whole lot of weddings.  It also explains why there are so much pressure and demand for quality wedding reception venues in the country. This is why if you have any intentions of getting married in a state-of-the-art place you should book early.

The Early Couple Gets the Venue

Booking a tour is a no obligations task. It doesn’t mean that you are obliged to hire the venue for your wedding. What you’re doing is coming to have a look at the place, seeing if it meets your expectations for your dream wedding. More often than not, both our wedding venues leave an indelible impression on our guests that we get almost immediate bookings for dates.

Tour Our Clarence House Wedding Reception Venue

Speaking of dates, this is something else that you need to keep in mind. With so many weddings taking place throughout the year, it’s important to fix a date as soon as you are certain. Fixing a date does several things:

  • It helps you secure a venue;
  • Takes off some of the pressure off of continuing to look for venues;
  • Gets our in-house staff ready to plan your wedding;
  • Gets you started on the countdown to the big day.
  • Gets your entire bridal team fired up.
  • Puts an end to the constant wondering when it’s going to happen.

What to Expect On a Clarence House Tour

Signing up for a free tour of our exclusive wedding venue is the first step towards finding the right venue. On our tour, you will get to see not only the wedding reception centers in Sydney, but you’ll get the awesome opportunity to meet and interact with our friendly in-house coordination team. We’re sure you’ll feel right at home at Clarence House.

wedding venue tour

We’ll help you to envision the big day like no other team can. We’ll show you past weddings, and show you what our venues can achieve and the kinds of pictures you can expect to take to keep for life. Do you know what else? We’ll even throw in a couple of discounts and offers because you are special to us and we want to lighten your financial burden.

Where to Sign Up?

We’re glad you asked. To view the prestigious The Victorian simply send an email to admin@clarencehouse.com.au. To view, the more modern and contemporary The Lemnos send our team an email at admin@thelemnos.com. If you prefer to talk to someone over the phone you can contact us at the following numbers: (02) 9750 3555, or (02) 9789 1662.

Our administrative offices are open Monday to Friday from 11 am to 6 pm, and Saturdays and Sundays between 11 AM and 4 PM. Viewings by appointment will be done on Wednesdays from 10:30 AM to 6 PM, Thursdays 10:30 am to 11 pm, Friday 10:30 am to 5:30 pm and Saturday and Sundays between 11 AM and 4 PM.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Book Unique Intimate Wedding Venues at Clarence House Today
Wedding Venues

Book Unique & Intimate Wedding Venues at Clarence House Today

Looking to host your wedding in the not-too-distant future? How about we show you one of the most unique & intimate wedding venues you can hire today?

We’ve seen so many unique things happen at Clarence House that even we are amazed sometimes just how we managed to pull off something as spectacular as that. But then again, it comes with the job. We’re in the business of making your dreams come true. So we do our very best, to give you a unique and intimate wedding experience.

Best Affordable Wedding Venues

For anyone who has ever planned a wedding, or is currently planning one, you’ll agree with us that the cost for the venue is usually one of the most expensive things on your budget. As a family-owned establishment that’s been in business for over 35 years, we understand this challenge all-too-well. This is why we have made it our mission to offer couples one of the best affordable wedding reception venues in Sydney.

unique intimate wedding venues

It’s always a pleasure seeing the shocked faces of our couples when we give them the quote for the reception venue. It’s always so much less than they were expecting. We like to think of it as our wedding gift to you both. We believe that no couple should have to miss out on an amazing wedding venue because of the cost.

Unique Intimate Wedding Venues at Your Fingertips

We have two stately wedding venues for you to choose from at Clarence House. Both of them are uniquely suited to host an intimate wedding. The two venues respectively are:

unique intimate wedding venues sydney

The Lemnos

Which is a favorite of many young couples looking for a more modern and chic affair while still oozing charm and sophistication? The Lemnos has a maximum seating capacity of up to 500 guests which allows you the chance to invite as many family and friends as you both can.

The Victorian

This is a statelier wedding venue that is a fan-favorite of those thinking of going the traditional route for their special day. The Victorian has a maximum seating capacity of 300 guests which makes it ideal for a more intimate get-together.

Forever Starts With Us

What’s more, is that both our venues afford you the opportunity to take stunning photographs – which are a must for any wedding. We’ll show you some of the photos that have been taken by other guests and couples over the years. You’ll definitely be glad that you chose Clarence House as your wedding venue of choice for such a momentous occasion.

Book Your Free Tour Today

We offer free tours only by appointment. Booking your free tour is quite simple. Just email one of our administrative assistants at:

admin@clarencehouse.com.au or admin@thelemnos.com.

If you would like to speak over the phone with someone, you may call on the following numbers (02) 9750 3555, or (02) 9789 1662.

Most Exclusive Wedding Venues in Sydney
Wedding Venues

Most Exclusive Wedding Venues in Sydney

Are you looking for Sydney’s most exclusive wedding venue to host your special day? If so, then you are in the right place.

Introducing Clarence House – one of Sydney’s best-kept secrets. This family-owned establishment has been around for more than three decades now and has become a trusted venue by thousands of couples.

Most Exclusive Wedding Venues Sydney

Clarence House is so exclusive that only a handful of weddings are hosted on the premises each year. That’s because we like to give each couple the attention they need as they focus on their day. We aren’t like other venues where you’ll have simultaneous weddings one after the other. We like to have you know that you are not rushed and can enjoy your day without having to constantly worry about the other wedding that’s about to take place right after yours.

Book Early to View the Wedding Venues

With that being said, this exclusivity means that we operate on a first-come, first-book basis. If you would like to get your foot in the door and have a tour of our venues, we’d be more than happy to have you come through. Booking a tour is a no obligations affair. Think of it as coming to visit home away from home.

Exclusive Wedding Venues Sydney

Our friendly and professional staff will give you an all-inclusive tour of the premises so that you’ll know exactly why we are so exclusive. They’ll explain to you all the benefits that come with hosting your wedding at our venues which include:

  • Weekday discounts and offers;
  • An optional in-house coordinator to help you plan;
  • Your menus planned by our world-class chef;
  • Your day serviced by our professional waiters;
  • Your guests’ cars will be parked in a secure and guarded parking lot;
  • Décor packages to decorate according to your theme.

Is it Expensive to Hire The Lemnos or The Victorian?

This is one of the first questions we get after couples have been wowed by our exclusive wedding venues – The Lemnos and The Victorian. We always like to drop the bombshell that no it won’t cost them an arm and a leg to host their wedding in either one of these reception rooms. While we are among the expensive wedding reception venues in Sydney, it’s not totally outside the budget of many couples.

Considering many of the inclusive services that come with our price, you’ll see that you’re actually getting a pretty neat deal. Many couples after going off and comparing prices with other venues that don’t offer nearly half the services we offer, always end up coming back to book with us. And we’re always very happy to have them come back.

Get in Touch Today

If this is you, and you’d like to learn more about our wedding venues, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Yours for Asking Big Wedding Venues in Sydney at Clarence House
Wedding Venues

Big Wedding Venues in Sydney at Clarence House

Do you have a big family and have to invite everyone? Don’t worry; we have just the right venue for you.

Clarence House, set in a picturesque setting is one of Sydney’s greatest wedding venue gems. The family-owned establishment is in the business of helping you host a seamless and hassle-free event. We have handled over 3,000 weddings so we’ve seen just about everything. Plus, we’ve got venues large enough to cater up to large groups of people.

Big Wedding Venues – The Lemnos and The Victorian

It isn’t always easy to find big wedding venues in Sydney that meet a high standard. Clarence House is one such rare jewel and boasts not only one, but two extravagant venues that are sure to wow you. But don’t take our words for it. Presenting….

Big Wedding Venues

The Lemnos

The Lemnos is a majestic reception room that is big enough to accommodate up to 500 guests comfortably. It’s exquisitely decorated and its décor will play up well in your photos.  This room is particularly popular with couples with large extended families. The room is spacious and well-aerated. Your guests won’t even know they are that many of them in one room!

The Victorian

The Victorian, as its name suggests, is a wedding venue whose tasteful decoration and architecture are reminiscent of a bye-gone era. This space is specifically designed to cater to up to 300 guests. It’s ideal for couples who each intend to invite 150 guests each. The Victorian is a place that screams class and elegance, and we’re sure you’ll agree when you see it.

Book a Free Tour Now for the Best Experience

Great Wedding Venues

We can tell you how wonderful both these venues are, but we promise that seeing them in person will make more of an impression on you than our mere words. You can book a free tour and come visit Clarence House to get a real feel of the place.

When we asked some of our past clients why they chose us, they simply replied that when they arrived at Clarence House, they felt at home. I guess when you know – you know. We hope that you too will come through and get to experience some of Sydney’s great wedding venues in person.

How to Contact Us

We have a team of wedding coordinators at hand ready to assist you and answer any and all questions you might have concerning scheduling a tour and hiring our venues. If this is you, we’d love to hear from you. You can either drop us an email at either of these addresses, admin@clarencehouse.com.au or admin@thelemnos.com.

Or give us a call on the following numbers (02) 9750 3555, or (02) 9789 1662.

Once you’ve booked a tour, you’ll be given a day to visit, either Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Tour Our Clarence House Elegant Wedding Venues Today
Wedding Venues

Elegant Wedding Venues Sydney

Are you about to get married and looking for the perfect location for your upcoming nuptials?

We’ve all seen the classic photo; you know the one we’re talking about. The one of the bride and groom standing in front of their elegant wedding venue. It’s a photo that never gets old. It’s timeless and will immortalize you for eternity.

The Quest for Beautiful Wedding Venues

Finding the right wedding venue is no easy feat. It takes time and patience, and even then, getting the date you want can also be a major hassle. One such wedding venue that’s always in high demand is Clarence House, one of the most elegant wedding venues you’ll find in Sydney.

elegant wedding venues

Book a tour of Clarence House today, to get an idea why over 3,000 couples have said their ‘I do’s in this stunning setting.

What You Can Expect on the Tour

A tour of Clarence House will reveal its gorgeous interiors, refined finishes, and classic architecture. You’ll understand why this prestigious venue is hard-sought by hundreds of couples each year. Located in the heart of Sydney and boasting two picture-perfect wedding venues – The Lemnos and The Victorian, you’re spoilt for choice. Need to know answers to questions such as:

  • How many people can each venue accommodate?
  • Which dates are available to book?
  • Are there any discount offers and promotions available?
  • Is there enough parking for all your guests?
  • What if you’re working on a budget?
  • Does the venue offer catering and waiters?

Our highly trained and professional team will answer any and all questions you might have as you tour our venue.

What Sets Clarence House Venues Apart From the Rest

elegant wedding venue sydney

Where beautiful wedding reception venues are concerned, Clarence House venues are in a league of their own for several reasons.

The Victorian Room

Ideal for whom?

  • Couples seeking a traditional wedding venue.

Boasting a unique traditional flair, this one-of-a-kind venue is perfect for couples looking for an elegant, refined, and charming city wedding.

The Lemnos

Ideal for whom?

Magnificently decorated and ready to take your breath away, The Lemnos is one of Sydney’s best kept secret elegant wedding venues.

Extra Offers from Clarence House

We believe in helping you have the wedding you want: your day, your wedding, your rules. After seeing so many flustered brides-to-be and grooms-to-be, we realized there was a real need to provide a service to make wedding planning easier. So we put together extra offers which you can take full advantage of when you choose one of our venues for your wedding.

elegant wedding venues sydney

In-House Catering

With world-class catering as an in-house service, it takes the pressure and the burden off of you, to find an outside caterer.

In-House Serving Staff

To complement the catering, we have a professional team of writers ready to wow your guests with their expected service.

In-House Professional Wedding Coordinator and Planner

Let someone else take the heat of planning the wedding of your dreams, while you focus on finding the right dress and tux.

If all this sounds like a dream come true for you, then waste no time and give us a call today to book a tour of Clarence House.

Picture Perfect Luxury Wedding Venues at Clarence House
Wedding Venues

Picture Perfect Luxury Wedding Reception Venues at Clarence House

Looking for the ultimate picture-perfect luxury wedding reception venues? Then look no further than Clarence House.

Your wedding day should be everything and more of what you dreamt it to be. It is after all the start of an amazing future together with your significant other. This is why we invite you to consider one of Sydney’s amazing luxury wedding reception venues for your big day.

Luxury Wedding Venues Right in the Heart of Sydney

luxury wedding reception

With so many people looking to get married each year, finding the right wedding venue can be an uphill task. Fortunately for you, Clarence House makes your search a little easier. Boasting two state-of-the-art luxury reception venues, with all-inclusive packages such as catering, waiter service, and guest parking, Clarence House should definitely be on your list of venues to visit.

Clarence House’s Idyllic Setting

So many couples tell us that after months and months of planning, they are always surprised by how fast the day goes by. However, the one thing they are always eternally grateful for is having chosen such an idyllic setting for their wedding and a great photographer to capture all the moments.  We want the same for you as well, eternal memories in one of Sydney’s most luxurious wedding venues.

Invest in What Matters Most

luxury wedding reception venues sydney

We’ve all heard horror stories of wedding reception venues – a double booking, gate-crashing, poor décor and more. This is not what you want on your big day. When you choose Clarence House as your wedding venue of choice, you’ve made a wise decision. You’ve chosen to invest in peace of mind and tranquillity. You’ve chosen luxury and class over common and tacky. In essence, you’ve chosen well.

Unrivaled Venues

When history retells the story of your wedding, you want it to be kind. This starts with the right venue, for your pictures will tell a story of a thousand words. Budget weddings might sound hip and cool today, but in the long run, you’ll probably wish that you had opted for the luxury wedding venue instead. Fortunately for you, Clarence House has two such venues for you to choose from.

luxury wedding reception venues

luxury wedding reception venues

The Lemnos

If you’re after elegance, contemporary charm, and sophistication for your upcoming wedding, then look no further than the iconic Lemnos luxury wedding reception venue.

The Victorian

If you’re looking for a cultured affair that’s quintessentially show-stopping and stately in nature then you might want to seriously consider The Victorian as your venue of choice.

Get in Touch with us Today

It’s the early bird, or rather, the early couple that gets the venue in this case. Book a tour now and get a free quote. Hurry to find the best deals and discounts for your wedding venue.

most amazing wedding-venues
Wedding Venues

Clarence House’s Most Amazing Wedding Venues

Do you need a jaw-dropping wedding venue that’ll make your wedding the talk of the year?

It’s not every day that you come across a stunning wedding venue that knocks the wind right out of you. Yes, seriously we’ve had couples visit Clarence House and it was love at first sight. 35 years in the business, I think we’re doing something right.

Sydney: Home to the Best Wedding Venues in the Country

Sydney is home to some of the world’s most amazing wedding venues, and we’re proud to say that Clarence House is among those venues. This family-owned business has been running for some time now and has allowed thousands of couples to enjoy a memorable wedding.

Amazing Wedding Venues

What Makes Clarence House Amazing?

Many wedding venues in Sydney claim to offer incredible service, but is that really true? We believe that the proof is in the pudding. We have the statistics to back up our claims as to what keeps us ahead of the pack and going strong. We have:

  • 2 unrivaled world-class venues – The Lemnos and The Victorian;
  • 3,000 couples over 35 years who have trusted us to host their weddings;
  • Seating of up to 500 guests with complimentary parking, in Sydney!
  • World-class chef to craft your ideal menu;
  • A family-owned venue which adds that extra feeling of being home;
  • Staff with over 60 years of experience in the business.

Clarence House – Home Away From Home

Many couples have said they felt right at home when they visited Clarence House. Perhaps it’s the sense of calm they feel when they arrive: the peace that permeates the place. The quiet pace that we’ve set to ensure that couples – often stressed out by all the wedding planning – can finally slow down and breath knowing that there is a trusted team behind them that’s got their backs.

amazing wedding venues sydney

Without being rushed, couples are taken on an exclusive tour of our stunning wedding venues. And many brides-to-be have been reduced to tears by the sheer elegance of our venues, particularly when they see The Victorian reception venue. This is especially true of brides who have always dreamed of having a traditional wedding. I guess you could say we are in the business of making dreams come true.

Won’t It Cost Me a Fortune?

Many people don’t believe us the first time we quote them for our venues – for good reason. They think we’re joking. Our prices are so favorable and well within the budgets of most couples that it seems their fairy godmother just smiled upon them. What’s more, because we know just how important your big day is, we have put together incredible discounts and offers to help you offset the total cost of hiring our venues.

Find out more about our venues and offers by giving us a call or dropping in to see us today.

All Inclusive Wedding Venues in Western Sydney
Wedding Venues

All Inclusive Wedding Venues in Western Sydney

If the wedding venues at Clarence House could talk, they’d definitely have a lot to say! One of the things they’d tell you is to seriously consider one of the all-inclusive wedding venues that is Clarence House. Wedding planning can be stressful, to say the least. There are a lot of variables to consider – the cake, the venue, the dress, the décor, the menu – just so much to do and so little time. What to do?

All-Inclusive Wedding Venues in Western Sydney

What if we let you in on a little secret? We can take part of that stress away from you. How about letting us handle the venue, the décor, and the menu? Would that take a lot of pressure from you? We bet it does.

all inclusive wedding venues

At Clarence House, we are one of the best wedding venues in western Sydney that offers an all-inclusive package that helps make your wedding planning easier and hassle-free. To top it off, we have a trusted in-house wedding coordinator who has handled hundreds of weddings, so you’re in good hands.

Our professional coordinator will help you put your menu together – we have a renowned world-class chef working with us too. We’ll handle the décor, you just let us know your colors and anything else you’d like to add that pizazz and signature touch to your big day. We’ll also handle the serving of food and drinks so you and your bridal team can focus on other more important wedding tasks.

Clarence House Wedding Venues

If you would like to see the family-owned wedding venue before booking it, you’re more than welcome to. In fact, we encourage all couples to stop by and have a tour. And that’s because we have two fantastic wedding venues to choose from. Describing them over the phone doesn’t do justice to any of them. Pictures aren’t always enough either. You need to see them and experience the venues in order to truly appreciate what you’ll be paying for.

What are the wedding venues you’re asking? Glad you asked. Introducing…

inclusive wedding venues

The Lemnos

Breathtaking and simply heavenly, The Lemnos is everything and more of what an elegant modern wedding venue should be. One look at it and many brides-to-be simply cry out, ‘this is it!’ But you don’t have to take our word for it.  Join us for a tour, there are no obligations, it’s you just browsing wedding venues in inner west Sydney.

The Victorian

This wedding venue rivals any five-star wedding establishment, and this is why over 3,000 couples have chosen our venue for their wedding. The Victorian is not only majestic but is equally stunning in beauty.  It’s the ideal setting for a traditional wedding thanks to its stately ambiance and regal charm.

There is no better way to fully appreciate what’s on offer except seeing it in person. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.

Sydney’s Leading Budget Friendly Wedding Venues
Wedding Venues

Sydney’s Leading Budget-Friendly Wedding Venues

Congratulations on one of the most pivotal moments in your life – your engagement, and forthcoming wedding!

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life, so you want to plan your special day with care, having quality at the forefront of your mind. Even if the budget comes into the question, Clarence House, a collection of Sydney’s leading budget-friendly wedding venues, can offer you the perfect solution. Our flexibility and understanding of our clients’ needs allow us to provide perfectly tailored package options for under $100 per guest.

budget wedding venues sydney

We understand how planning the perfect wedding can be stressful and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Let us take the worry out of organizing and planning your wedding reception. Talk with us today about your dream wedding and we will work with you to ensure your wedding reception suits your budget without compromising on your unique style and tastes.

The Clarence House Venues

Our Clarence House Venues comprise two gorgeous locations for you to choose from; The Lemnos and The Victorian.

budget friendly wedding venues sydney

The Lemnos

If grandeur and majesty are your perfect style, look no further than Clarence House’s very own wedding and reception venue; The Lemnos. With an exquisite combination of modern charm and elegant chic, The Lemnos delightfully combines atmosphere and ambience into the perfect combination just right for your wedding. The Lemnos will comfortably cater for up to 500 guests.

The Victorian

The Victorian reminiscent of an era past. If understated sophistication is exactly to your taste, allow The Victorian to turn your dreams into reality. As the name suggests, this stunning wedding venue will lend your wedding that timeless regal elegance and charm. Set in an idyllic location, The Victorian is everything you could ever want for a beautiful, charming reception. The Victorian has a maximum seating capacity of 300 guests.

What Else Is On Offer At Clarence House?

budget wedding reception venues sydney

In-house Professional Event Coordinator

Our in-house Event Coordinator can work with you to organize everything you may require. Your time is precious as your dream wedding draws closer, so we take pride in offering you our assistance with all the details. If you require a DJ or desire music of your choice, menus, floral decorations, or those important little “personal touches” which truly make your wedding reception uniquely yours, our in-house professional event coordinator is more than ready to lend a helping hand.

Waiting Staff

Dance the night away and leave the rest to us! Our waiting staff take pride in serving you and your guests and are on hand to ensure that you have an unforgettable time on this most memorable occasion.

Complimentary Parking

We offer a perfect solution for your guests with our complimentary secure parking, which is available on our premises.

Incredible Packages and Discounts

We are proud to also offer a wonderful selection of packages and discounts to ease the hassle that is preparing for your wedding. To learn more about these weekdays, Friday and Sunday discount offers, do not hesitate to contact us.

Need to Talk to Someone About Our Clarence House Venues?

If you have further questions on any topic, including (but not limited to!)

– our wedding reception venue,

– the quality of the waiting staff,

– the parking arrangements,

– our wedding discount packages and offers,

– the décor and details,

– our catering and food services,

or indeed anything else – we’re always available and very happy to speak with you.

Established in 1955 and proudly family-owned, Clarence House Venues has long been the trusted favourite and affordable wedding reception venue of many happy couples. From their wedding ceremonies to their renewal of wedding vows and anniversary celebrations, we at Clarence House Venues have been honoured to serve the brides and grooms of Sydney and their families for over 64 years.

Wedding Venues

Luxury Wedding Reception Venues in Sydney

From our family to yours

Who we are

Since 1955, our family-owned specialist wedding event management business has been of assistance to the beautiful brides of Sydney create their dream wedding day. Your wedding is one of the most important milestones and treasured memories of your life. It is because of this significance that every aspect of your special day should be arranged with the utmost care and attention to detail. When you choose to entrust your dream wedding to us, we will work with you in each moment of the journey, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands with the family at Clarence House Venues.

Together, we will paint a picture to make the day you say “I Do” a lasting and cherished memory.

Our luxury wedding venues in Sydney are renowned for not only their unique classic and stylish decor but also the dedication and professionalism of our highly experienced staff. Our dedication is all to make a dream into a more magnificent reality.

What we offer you

• Events and Functions

We value every event that takes place in your life. Our 64 years of experience have made us professionals in this arena. From a significant family event to wonderful parties and weddings, you have no need to worry about the outcome at the end when you make your plans with us. To decorate and provide what any event requires, we pride ourselves on working with top-notch suppliers. Everything from the lighting to the dinner menu is well taken care of. Your event belongs to you, so we customize the wedding venue to your desires.

• Packages

We have various packages, so you will find what you have been looking for. Our packages can include the following: sound and lighting equipment, audio-visual engineer, professional DJ, even ice smoke and a wishing well – among many other impressive adornments. Our booking process is one we have kept simple; making it easier for you to achieve the event you want.

• Venues

We have two magnificent wedding venues in Sydney’s West:

  • The Victorian A venue as regal as its name. Every wedding hosted here is arranged with a signature uniqueness. Seating capacity of up to 300 guests.
  • The Lemnos We christened this venue a unique name to match our unequaled services. With its larger, welcoming capacity, this wedding venue can host up to 500 guests.

• Hospitality

Our staff maintains the highest standards throughout all the areas of service we can offer you. Being family-owned and run has its advantages. All venues are taken to heart. From start to finish you will feel a warm presence and be catered for. It is our honor to host your wedding. The service providers play their parts with such a passion. It is our passion to create moments that will last you a lifetime, and we hope to take your breath away.

In conclusion

We pay good attention to details. Our décor and design are exceptional yet not overdone. Our venues are at perfect locations to create perfect memories with your family and friends. The atmosphere is full of magic, and it’s contagious. The theme is a great combination of modern and vintage. Your senses will find beauty amazing.

There is a reason why we put so much emphasis on our venues and bespoke wedding services. It is because your wedding deserves a magical touch, and since perfection is our talent, our long history of unparalleled wedding events precedes the Clarence House Venues family.

Don’t take our word for it

We promise a wedding organization process will be hassle-free. This leaves you with peace of mind as we do the heavy lifting. We have many testimonies to guarantee the quality of our luxury wedding venues. On our website www.clarencehouse.com.au, you can easily get in touch with us and get a free initial consultation. All we’ll need to begin your dream wedding plans are just a few details and possibly a comment.

Contact our masterful team today for any inquiries you may have.

Rustic Wedding Venues NSW
Wedding Venues

Rustic Elegant Wedding Venues NSW

Your Big Day Is Around the Corner

‘ The Big Day’ – the term synonymous with your wedding day. Among the many days you celebrate as a couple; the anniversary of your first date, your proposal, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, the birth of your first child–no other day gets this most special name. And it’s coming up so fast: ever since you set a date, you’ve been thinking of nothing else. It’s as if every time you cross one thing off your list of “to-do’s”, three more appear and take its place.

So Much to Do….

There are so many things to think about. From the invitations, the flowers, the cake, and the dress – to all the little details, extensive planning coupled with the seemingly endless meetings and decisions; understandably it can feel like it’s all eating up your days and nights. But above all, one thing is most important, more than anything else on this most important day of days: the perfect location.

The place where the wedding day you’ve been dreaming about your whole life will be. Not only must it be perfect, but also indicative of your life together as a couple. After all, you’re not just any couple, you’re imaginative, welcoming, thoughtful. You’re unique together, and so much more. Maybe you have this crazy story about how you met, and maybe you have these funny little traditions and rituals that you do with each other that nobody else understands.

It is because you’re original, that your wedding reception venue has to reflect that originality. Not just any old venue will do. Come your big day, this must be the place for you. You deserve it!

But It’s a Big Choice, and There Are So Many Things to Think About….

With all the pressure surrounding the planning of your big day, your peace of mind and clarity remains the most important factor. Merging two families, two lives, two histories, two personalities – each with their likes and dislikes, their lovable quirks, can become a little overwhelming. And yet, you still aim to create a beautiful day that stays in the memory of all your guests – without compromising on your signature tastes.

You need a rustic elegant wedding venue that expresses a style that’s all your own; something rustic and bold, yet charming and warm. You need a place where your wedding can be all your own. The wedding venue must be about you and who you really are: two unique humans embarking on one road, together.

So Let’s Start with the Venue…

And that means that this one, momentous, magical day, above all other days in your life as a couple, must be unique, too. Forget the fancy hotels, the polished ballroom floors, the sweeping staircases, and the edgy lighting displays. You want something that says “This is us.

This is who we really are.” You want somewhere that shows your heart and spirit. This is exactly what you will find with us, here at Clarence House. We have the hospitality, the service, and professionalism, and most importantly, we have a big heart.

The difference is, while anybody can say that, not everyone can live it. With us at Clarence House, you get to live it. Your perfect day, one of the biggest days of your life, the wedding of your dreams. It can happen right here, at Clarence House – your very own fairy tale.

Detail, personalization, and complete satisfaction with your wedding plans are of utmost importance to us. We invite you to call our team today to schedule a free consultation with our passionate Clarence House team. Let us help you plan your big day, your way.

Why You Should Choose an Intimate Wedding Venue in Sydney
Wedding Venues

Why You Should Choose Intimate Wedding Reception Venues in Sydney

What makes a wedding venue intimate? The two words together almost seem ironic. But truly, it is possible that Sydney – one of the most desirable, iconic, and popular cities in the world – can be home to small intimate wedding venues.

Interestingly, there’s more to the notion of intimate wedding venues than simply space and scenery. Considering that all of your before, during and after plans for your intimate wedding will inevitably have every important little detail poured over, it is just one of the biggest reasons why you should have your nuptials and celebrations in one Sydney’s outstanding intimate wedding locations.

1. Intimate Weddings Are Personalized

No one wedding is suited for another. Every wedding is just as unique as the couple being celebrated. An intimate wedding venue can allow just the right amount of mood to set the tone, and accommodate the perfect amount of guests for your special day.

The best wedding venues have teams of planners and professionals who are there to make your wedding the most significant day of the year.

2. Intimate Weddings Are Effortless

Sydney is sprawling, home to some 5 million people, and there’s never a day, week, or month without the noteworthiness of a wedding happening somewhere in your community! The idea of an effortless wedding is becoming more and more popular.

The power of this popularity is in the choices couples made by deciding upon intimate wedding venues in their community to host the big day. Making a local choice can be advantageous, as planning and communicating with a venue nearby so you can be much easier.

The best of Sydney’s intimate wedding venues can also be found in Sydney’s major metropolitan areas such as the West, Inner West, and more. Holding your wedding in an intimate location can also mean that traveling can be much favorable for your nearest and dearest friends and family.

3. Intimate Weddings Are Consistent

Sydney’s best and brightest intimate wedding locations serve couples for two vital reasons – being excellent venues for the ceremony and the reception – and earn their reputation for the same qualities.

While having two separate locations can also be a personal choice, the highest regarded venues also happen to host small intimate weddings in Sydney.

The standout venues host ceremonies and bespoke receptions on-site planned with thoughtful ways to pass the time between occasions in the day. Consistency is carried over in the professionalism, theme, and organization.

No matter how large and opulent, or small and humble you intend your wedding to be, choosing an intimate wedding venue in Sydney means more than just a simple venue. There’s so much more than meets the eye when it comes to an intimate wedding venue.

Clarence House is one of Sydney’s most intimate wedding reception venue. Contact our attentive team today to discuss your dream wedding plans.

Wedding Venues Belmore
Wedding Venues

Wedding Venue Belmore

Searching for the perfect wedding venue in Belmore can be a challenge. But when you finally find a venue that meets all your expectations and more, the hunt is all worth it come your wedding day, when all your whitest wedding dreams become a reality!

Your interest and internet search have brought you to discover the exceptional Clarence House, a wedding venue in the heart of Belmore renowned for world-class weddings in a convenient locale of Western Sydney.

The Clarence House team of staff and wedding planners are not only seasoned professionals but are warm and understanding of the roller coaster that is organizing amazing weddings.

We understand that when it comes to planning a wedding, your guests want to enjoy the day as much as you do – and often that means finding a wedding venue that is enjoyable close to home, yet looks and feels like a luxurious getaway.

The dream of a Sydney city wedding is alluring. Booking is the easy part, but after finalizing your guest list, you may realize the fact is that it’s most convenient for residents of Sydney’s west to be entertained by what the best of the area has to offer.

The idea is easier said than done! When you consider that one of the largest factors in organizing your wedding is location, location, location, we understand that these deciding factor needs include vital characteristics – like having a family-friendly environment, is aesthetically pleasing for beautiful wedding photos, and is in close proximity to the wedding ceremony venue and guests!

Our clientele includes couples from Belmore and the wider surrounding suburbs, who all found Clarence House to be Western Sydney’s premier wedding venue.

It is through the esteemed Clarence House family that we have built a famed marvel to satisfy the masses in Sydney’s west!  It’s all about making magical and memorable moments for our couples and their guests.

At Clarence House, we are proud to be helping new brides and grooms make the best of our multi-award-winning wedding packages, which include everything you can imagine to tailor-make weddings as individual as you!

We make sure you have all the necessities covered, and then add the embellishments where you desire. A Clarence House wedding means once you name it, consider it done.

Clarence House is just a unique wedding venue that looks and feels as charming as any fairy tale wedding setting. Your search for a beautiful, intimate & a chic wedding venue should go no further than with the discovery of Belmore’s very own Clarence House.

We warmly welcome you to make an appointment with our dedicated planners to view our extravagant wedding reception venues, at times and days that are most convenient for you. Time is of the essence, and when your wedding is not so far away – we invite you to call today!